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Tutorial [TuT] How to use Xbox 360 Neighborhood for your RGH/JTAG

think this can help many people

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Hello all! I will be going over a brief tutorial on how to use the Xbox 360 Neighborhood on your RGH or JTAG.

First off, you will need the following:
- A JTAG or RGH console
- A local intranet that you can connect between your console and PC (WiFi works, but I recommend running a direct line from your router)
- The Xbox 360 Neighborhood (For this tutorial I am using the XBOX 360 SDK 20871.2)
- The xbdm.xex file as well as the xbdm.ini placed in the root of your HDD of your 360
- Latest version of Dash Launch (I am using DL v3.02) with it installed and set up as I will show you

Now once you have all of your downloads in order put dash Launch and the xbdm.xex on a USB.

Navigate to your USB through XeX menu or FSD. You should see the following, so go ahead and move the xbdm.xex and the xbdm.ini to the root of your HDD and then execute the default.xex in the Installer folder.

This will bring you to Dash Launch where you can manage things such as button paths and behaviors, add other plugins, or adjust other tweaks. All of the modifications I am doing here can be done on your launch.ini file, but I prefer to do it through dash launch.

Hit the RB, and you will see this screen. load the launch.ini file from your HDD. (To bring up a controller layout for each menu, just hit the back button)

Now press RB again until you are at the main screen, navigate down to the +Paths as shown here and hit A, then navigate to the root of your HDD and select the xbdm.xex. Then hit RB once more and ht X to save the launch.ini file to your HDD.

Now restart your console to enable the dash launch changes. Now navigate back to XeX Menu, and hit the RB twice to see the system info screen, and take note of your IP Address.

Now onto the computer side. Assuming you have already installed Xbox 360 Neighborhood (and if not, do so now), open up your Desktop icon. You will see this pop up, go ahead and click on "Add Xbox 360".

You will now have this box pop up. Type in your 360's IP, and it will ask you if you would like to make it the default dev kit, select yes.

You will now see this on your main folder:

You now have an active connection to your RGH/JTAG through the Xbox 360 Neighborhood! There are a number of uses for using the Neighborhood from screen capping, to exploring your 360's memory units and executing .xex files remotely, or using it to FTP files directly to your 360.

I hope this tutorial will be of use to those who have no idea where to start or just wanted to have something new to try! If you have any questions post below and I'll happily answer what I can.


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Hello,how update Xdk console ?
l have a slim sdk with old firmware,thank you.


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I too am wondering how to update XDK console since I am getting memory dumps when debugging commands and I was told I need to update it. Anyone help? Flash 16547.0 Xdk 21256.3


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in order to update your xdk, you can do it via 2 ways, 1. through a .iso image, or through a remote recovery application on your computer. both ways are easly able to be found on the internet.
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