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Patched [TUT] How to buy warstock vehicles at any rank. {1.15}

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hello everyone, this glitch has been done in other patches blah blah blah, im re-posting this for the new people or the ones who didn't get the opportunity to do this before on the website, im not sure who the founder is :smile:

step 1. go to your PC or laptop use a lag switch of your choice, i prefer xlag 2.0 if you dont know how to use a lag switch you will have to research about it..

step 2. do the sp to mp character glitch
if you don't know how go here>>

step 3. use your lag switch once exiting the shark card store, turn on and off every 10-15 seconds repeatedly on insane lag if you leave it on you will disconnect (when your doing sp to mp)

step 4. once the sky is going down to SP stop using the lag switch at the last cloud, once your spawned in it should still be in SP, pull out your phone and quickly go to the internet ,(it should have changed to mp by now or in a little bit near this bit) now your free to purchase any war stock vehicle you like at any rank including the cargo bob which isnt obtainable to purchase online. good luck everyone and happy glitching!
(this part is the hardest, i found i disconnected alot when i was testing this)

WARNING: this will use your online money when purchasing vehicles, plus it will come up with an error saying failed to purchase but don't worry it will still buy it ... and this may not work for everyone due to really good internet or really crap internet
if you have any problems comment bellow and i will try to help you out as best as i can :smile:
u wot m8

u wot m8

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IIRC even if you do this glitch Pegasus won't deliver till you're the required rank.
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What the above said. Locking this since it has no real use.
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