Discussion [TUT] How To Bridge Host On MCC & Team Standby!!!! (with auto team standby app)


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In this tutorial, I will be teaching you how to bridge host on MCC, as well as Team Standby! Thats right, Team Standbying is back along with bridging host.

Lets note that I use a desktop to do this

Things you will need!

1: - A Laptop, or a desktop with 2 NIC's (Network Interface Cards, one will be on your motherboard, the other will be in a PCI/PCIe)
2: - An Xbox One (duh)
3: - Ethernet/Patch Cable
3: - MCC (Masterchief Collection)
4: - Free Version of ZoneAlarm Firewall - Can be found here (http://preview.tinyurl.com/y76og253)
5: - Commview (Isn't Necessary, if you want it torrent it)
6: - Auto Team Standby, Can be found here (
[Click here to view this link])

First off, lets shut off your Xbox One. Now, proceed to your computer and disable Windows Firewall.

After you disable your Windows Firewall, proceed to download and install the Free Version of ZoneAlarm Firewall. Once installed, lower your Public and Trusted to off, should like this.

Now, lets plug your ethernet cable into your Xbox One, and then plug the other end into your PC/Laptop.

1A- If you are using a laptop, navigate to your network settings, right click your WiFi adapter, go to properties, click the sharing tab and enable sharing.

1B- If using a Desktop, navigate to your network settings, right click your Main Network Card, go to properties, click the sharing tab and enable sharing.

Now, lets connect to Xbox Live, so power on your Xbox One, and if you can connect, great, if you can't you have some troubleshooting to do.

With some people they will be able to connect to Xbox Live on the first try, some may not. Turn on your Xbox One, navigate to Network Settings, click Advanced. Your IP should be something like, "192.168.137.???" this and your DNS should both have "137" in it.

You should be able to sign into Xbox Live, if not, "Go Offline" and come back online, Press B to go back and then click Network Settings and it should say "All Services Available". If it doesnt, open up Command Prompt and type this without quotations. "ipconfig /release", now navigate to your adapter settings, unshare the connection and diagnose the adapter then reshare. You may have to fiddle with it a bit to connect to Xbox Live.

Now, once you're connected to Xbox Live, just sit in the dashboard for a bit while we add these IP Ranges in Zone Alarm. Right click ZoneAlarm, run as administrator. Move your Public and Trusted Zones to Medium, as shown below.

Now you're going to click "View Zones" and ADD THESE IP RANGES AS SHOWN. You do not use IP Addresses anymore besides adding your buddies IP Address to put in trusted (if you're bridging your friend, if you are being bridged you put everyone that's in your lobby in Trusted)

If you are going to be using party chat, have the person you are Bridging Host make a party chat and invite you and only you to it first. Then, have him invite you into his lobby on MCC, put his IP Address in your Trusted Zone, and then put Public on High, and make sure Trusted is off. Now he can invite the other players. It should look like this for you.

Now, if the person you are bridging just wants host, he doesn't have to do anything else. If you want to Team Standby, or lag people out of games, he will need to have everything set up just like you, except he puts the 1-2 other players in his Trusted Zone along with you, and his Public Zone will be on Off or Medium (the choice is his) and his Trusted Zone will be off.

Start searching, once you guys load into a game, the person you are Bridging Host can put his Public Zone on High and lag everyone out (besides your group since you are all in trusted and you will get a win, or he can use the Auto Team Standby app).

If you are doing Halo 2 Classic, lagging everyone out of the game will give 2 people in the lobby losses on your team, so it only works while searching 2's. You can team standby though, but if it goes black screen, 2 people in your lobby will get a win and 2 will take an L along with the other team. So in my personal opinion, it is best to do it searching 2s.

As far as Halo 3 goes, you can team standby or lag everyone out at once by having the person you are bridging put their Public Zone on High, everyone in your To2-To4 will get the win.

Same thing goes for Halo 4 and Hardcore.


And here are some extras, if you are bridging someone host and you are playing on a VPN, OVH, or NFO you need to put that IP Address in your own Trusted Zone, and if you are being bridged host you are playing on a VPN, OVH, or NFO you need to put that IP Address in your Trusted Zone aswell.

Playing on any of those gives connection issues and the bridge doesn't always work.

Auto Team Standby has its own tutorial inside it, if you are being bridged host you can use it. Have Trusted Zone "off" and Public set to "medium" before you use it.
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turning firewall to high does nothing at all i can still hear everyone.? any ideas?

Kyle oneil

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Quick question..is it still possible to bridge host with a wireless connection? Or do you have to set up with the Ethernet cables like you explain in the TUT these days? because I remember bridging wirelessly back in halo 2 days

Modz R LifE

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So when you search matchmaking you just leave it on high? I remember doing this in halo3 and you had to time when turning the firewall to high in order to match up or it would restart search.

everything works great but when i click the auto standby start and select the firewall tab it wont move from medium to high nothing happens but if i click on the autostandby program its clearly running. is there another autostandby program available? I remember the one by savage the Autostandby V1.1
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