Tutorial [Tut] Gibbed's Save Editor

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[Tut] [Borderlands]Gibbed's Explain & Weapon Creation and Understanding

Hello, sorry for my grammer

This was requested. This will a Tut how to use and understand Gibbed's Save editor REV10

Table of Contents
1a) Information
How to Use
2a) Player Tab Explained
2b) New-U Explained
2c) Weapons Explained
2d) Items explained
2e) Ammo Pools Explained
2f) Skills Explain
3a) Resources
How To
4a) Making a Weapon
4b) Debugging a Weapon
5a) Tips

1a) This Tut will explain how to use each tool given by the program in full. i will try to post as much information as i can and explain it clearly.


2a) Player Tab Explained

The "Player" tab has 8 functions, that can change values of your character.

Save slot : The slot tyhis character is saved to and should be on the list of the character select.

Character : Allows you to change class to keep your questline and to try a new character.

Level : Lets you change your level of your character. (Program Stops the max value at 50 even if the max limit is about 16777)

Experience : Change the amount of total experience your character has because when you change yout level the value is the same.

Skill points : Allows you to add or take away skills points.

Current Station : Your spawn point. When making a new character make sure tutorial quest finsh or you will crash.

Backpack Size : Lets you carry more objects, Game cap is 42 without glitched. max is
9999. 100 is good

2b) New-U Explained
Changes values that can be changed ingame but without the limits.

Name : Change your name no limits or filters.
Color 1.2.3 : Change your color to any value(Cant find the right codes)


2c) Weapons Explained

This is going to be vary long.

Tabs are being orders Left-To-Right none skipped

First Empty tab.
When selectiong any part of any row, a arrow will be in that row selecting the line you are on. The Star on the buttom line is the First Empty line to Make a Weapon.

Duping/Copying weapons instantly.
Click on the line that you wish to copy(on the first row) the whole line should now be Blue. now simply on the top part of the first row click the little ico that says "Dupilcate Selected Weapon" now on the buttom will have that weapon.

Equip Slot : Simple Where your weapon will be.
0 - Unequiped
1 - First slot
2 - Second Slot
3 - Third Slot
4 - Forth Slot
5&6 - Last slots but only if you glitched to have 6 spots.

Type : Allows you to select what kind of weapon will be (gd_weap_sniper_rifle.A_Weapon.WeaponType_sniper_rifle)
I havent try mixing this around to much but this is a value that must be enter in everygun

Grade : Changes how the Game reacted to the weapon like (gd_itemgrades.StarterGear.ItemGrade_StarterGear or gd_itemgrades.Weapons.ItemGrade_Weapon_RepeaterPistol) Best to match this with Type

Qualilty : Each weapon has 5 levels of Qualilty, the high the Qualilty the higher level the weapon will be also rising the base stats of the weapon. Unknown is 0 is a taken/working value. 5 is max (If you selected 5 and the weapon is only level 38, sortin parts are not helping te weapon try to make the wepaon gold or take of the element)

Manufacturer : Mainly believe this games stats but its not 100% sure as of now. This will simply Change the Maker of the weapon and also some looks to the gun.(Matierials are the cause of type bonuses) Manufacturers also affect some effects of the gun, like Hypeiron+SupportRifle is alway burst.

PreFix : PreFix is really Pre-Fix(Duh!) basicly a Pre name to a gun.("Super" Cannon, "Jack The" Ak47) Prefix may not affect the stats of a weapon(So far believed, possible side bonuses to some) But a prefix will also help change the color of a weapon.

Title : Title also are the name also "Post-Fix" (Jack the "Goddly" ak47) Most title do not old any direct benifit other then coloring the weapon, but some can add stats like 20% more damage.

The follow Has the same Basic information and will be carryed over to all the gun parts.
Each part can be replaced with a different part to stack affect.(adding 5 Carnage Berrels to get 3000% more Dmg)
gd_weapon_Guntype does not have to match.(Few exceptions as some parts will not go on some things -RARE)
All guns have a Basestats(No parts) and each part does have an effect
After making a gun, disappering parts mean mistyped infomation or part will not work with other parts.
*Important one-*- Each default part (body1,grip1,sight1) has 5 levels 1-5. part with special names (body4_teridore) only has the 1 level given.

Body : Each type of weapon gets different types of bonuslys. normaly switched to a body to give ammo.

Grip : Affects 3 stats importantly, (Acc, Reload Time and Recoil) Normaly Reload time goes slower but acc/recoil increase. Normal i swithc out grip for a part like barrel

Magizine : Affects slip size alot. a good magizine will increase your clip by alot. partolsmg.mag.mag4 ifs the most i know of, by increasing clip size by 95%. Can switch out

Barrels : This is the Meat of the gun most of the time. Barrels affect the bullets shot, Damage, recoil, affects and Acc. This is probly one of the best parts. I used The Dove to give me unlimited ammo, Carnage for 600% bonus DMG per barrel added(any part can be a barrel), sledges shotgun for 10k% boost to RoF and other Rocket barrels to gain rockets for shells. Dove a Sledge Stack to make a spray god.

Sights : The scope of the weapon. lower the value less the zoom. Slight_none is nothing. if you put a Fake part there(barrel) your gun will really scope but into nothing and if you shoot no bullets leave your gun.

Action : This slot holds special skills of the gun like the Clipper's automatic firing pistol. (Not alot of actions are known) i use this for a free part slot.

Accessory : These are anything special the guns need's. From 2x fireing Acc or adding elements, no recoil or many other treats. this can also be used for other parts.

Matierials : There are 3 matierial per main Weapon company high the level 1,2,3 more power the affect and negitives. Borderlands Modding Resource: Combat Rifle has some of them listed

Clip size : Changes the clip size, works for some i just leave it alone as it corrects itself ingame. Not a part slot.


2d) Items explained

Items parts wil be explained

Type : Simply put tells us what the item is. Shield, Gernade mod, Class Mod, Artfifacts or Backpack SDU.

Grade : Refer to Type

Qualilty : Each item has 5 levels of Qualilty, the high the Qualilty the higher level the item will be also rising the base stats of the item. Unknown is 0 is a taken/working value. 5 is max

Body, Left&Right : Each part can affect the stats of the item. few parts have hidden bonuses yet to be explored. For other items it affects the given stats of affects

Material : This gives the items the affects of there making, from Fast charge to quick heal. Also changes the affect of mods. Not use about artifacts.

Manufacturer : Mainly believe this gaves stats but its not 100% sure as of now. This will simply Change the Maker of the item and also some looks to the item.(Matierials are the cause of type bonuses)

PreFix : PreFix is really Pre-Fix(Duh!) basicly a Pre name to a gun.("Super" Cannon, "Jack The" Ak47) Prefix may not affect the stats of a weapon(So far believed, possible side bonuses to some) But a prefix will also help change the color of a weapon.

Title : Title also are the name also "Post-Fix" (Jack the "Goddly" ak47) Most title do not old any direct benifit other then coloring the weapon, but some can add stats like 20% more damage. unsure if this is the same for items
Unknown 09 i have no idea, leave it alone.


2e) Ammo Pools Explained
AmmoPools is the amount of ammo you can carrier

Name is the Ammo type

Pool is the Type of Ammo

Quantitly is the ammount you may have.

Ungrade level is the level it is at 6 is max.


2f) Skills Explain

These are all the skills you character has including Weapon pro's

Name is the command line connection other values to target.

level is the current skil level weapon's is 50, maybe able to past 50 untested.
5 is max for skills. havent test 6+

Experience is self explaintory


3a) Resources

Here are Links to help you Make weapons and Learn more about Save's
(Mod, sorry if Posting Links are not exceptible here, but the links are safe and do not old anything to take advantage of a user like referial systems, if this is a proble just remove this section or edit it saying removed by mod - Thankyou)

Information summited by user on stats of each part. Currently most Complete list
Borderlands Modding Resource: Welcome to the Borderlands Modding Resource

Location to Download "Gibbed's Save editor rev10" Directly from the creator Currently Pc only Next rev will support Xbox/Ps3
Ricks Game Stuff Blog Archive Borderlands Save Editor (Revision 10)

A Good thread with peoples creation's tips, and even some of my things.


4a) Making a Weapon
How i make a new weapon on GSEr10
1) Select a Place for the weapon to go. I like to pick 1-4 so i know what weapon im working with
2) Go to Borderlands Modding Resource: Welcome to the Borderlands Modding Resource and select a weapon you wish to make. i will select Combat Rifle
3) Under Type place in, The right code in this case "gd_weap_combat_rifle.A_Weapon.WeaponType_combat_rifle"
4) In the grade slot even the items grade code. "gd_itemgrades.Weapons.ItemGrade_Weapon_CombatRifle"
5) Enter in the Qualilty or excepted level range. I will use 5 as i am level 50
6) i need to choose a Manufacturer who will make my weapon on Borderlands Modding Resource: Combat Rifle They have a particle list. i will choose gd_manufacturers.Manufacturers.Hyperion as they have a good burst type and damage.
7) I need to enter a Prefix/Part name into my weapon none is acceptible, i will use gd_weap_repeater_pistol.Prefix.Prefix_Nasty becayse nasty sounds neet.
8) Time for a Title/Part name for our weapon. Some have bonuses i will choose a random one of "gd_weap_repeater_pistol.Title.Title_Accuracy1_Swatter" This is not a combat rifle part but this will still work
9) Time for our first Part. for each part it begains with this "gd_weap_combat_rifle.[Part Type].[Part Name]" unless otherwise listed. so we need a body and will we fill it in by type not copy and past. gd_weap_combat_rifle.body.body5 this will give me 20% more damge and 50% more RoF
10) We need a grip follow the golden rule of "gd_weap_combat_rifle.[Part Type].[Part Name]" and i will use grip5_Gearbox IE gd_weap_combat_rifle.grip.grip5_gearbox
11) Magizine is not a hard choice. but i like to use the partolsmg.mag.mag4 because it will double my clip. examply is gd_weap_partolsmg.mag.mag4
12) Barrel we will use a stander one for the fact of honesty. barrel5 gives 20%dmg and 3 acc. gd_weap_combat_rifle. then barrel.barrel5
13) Sight, anyone will do higher number(5max) higher the zoom, i like 2
14) Stock, 5 is probly the best choice, but i am going to add the smg mag again.
15) Action is a lame part, as it has no really good functions know yet, put anything you want.
16) Accessory slot, is the effect or element of a weapon. the affects can be recoil to shots fired. Elements dont reduce damage done, only reduce the max levle of your weapon, but you can choose anyone you want off the list. gd_weap_combat_rifle.acc.accX and any weapon type works
17) The material slot gives alot of bonuses and deductions. on the combat chart this is what gives you the bonuses "gd_weap_shared_materialparts.ManufacturerMaterials.Material_Tediore_1/2/3" there is also other shared ones like chaos that gives dmg and double fired shots.
18) Simply ignore Clipsize, and Save the file.
19)Test weapon. If the weapon has nothing missing and a level is given you have made a weapon. If something is wrong go to the next section to learn how to debug your gun.

4b) Debugging a Weapon

Part 1, Missing parts
Load the save, and quit the game threw a method of saving.
Load the save in Editor and check to see if any parts switched to "None".
If it did Fix the error that was caused by missing part or typo's.
If all spots are there ethier you dont have the part really there, or you dident reload your save in the editor/saved ingame. or you are tested al new guns online(online loads your save and keep that save loaded untill you load a new one ot quit BL)

Part 2. Missing level.
This is a hard one to fix
Something in the weapon is not agreeing with you.
The best way to find out what part it is to make 10 copys of the weapon and in each weapon take out 1 differnt part and save and load the game. and find it any of them are fixed.(you may want to fix them in with a default part thats normaly found on them) if not reserves make the weapon going 1 thing at a time. like this.
then add each thing testing each step.

Part 3. Part is not working
I gotten this issue a few times with Dove. found out each time it was human error or the part does not work with some things.


5a) Tips

Befor you copy and paste check the line for completness
Back up's can save you
Test offline
Dont push weapons onto players looking for the default experience
Dont rush mod in steps
Takes time but you get anything you want if you try
Things stack and can be put on anything any where
Testing weapons and saving them and reopening them in save editor can help fix errors you made
Dont be greedy with discoverys

Big tip for making Gun or items
Make a plan gun first all with normal that gun type parts. then 1 by 1 add things to the gun. this will let you make guns alot easyer(longer) and also let you understand even more about parts you use. saves on debugging weapons


Credit's Maxes21/Bobthebuilder
Gibbed's for his program
Borderlands Modding Resource: Welcome to the Borderlands Modding Resource for the list of effects
www.se7ensins.com for supporting BL moding

And anyone i learnt tricks off

Pls post comments not about spelling or grammer.



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Hey is this only for PC? Everytime I try to open my Save0001.sav file I get an ERROR saying "not a Borderlands save file." If anyone knows why, please tell me.

Also GREAT tutorial man! :thumbup:


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Yes this is a Pc version only i did say that somewhere in the tut, but the next REV will have this. also all this can be used with Wllowtree just have to know about the few changes


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Re: [Tut] [Borderlands]Gibbed's Explain & Weapon Creation and Understanding

this post of your is great this makes u understand how to creat a weapon thank u sir

Dj Crazy

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Every time i try to open my save in gibbeds save editor it always says, This is not a borderlands save file... Any help???


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xaodxkevin said:
Unless I'm mistaken... this is the xbox 360 modding section... not pc...
All this information is directly related to Xbox version. and this tool in a week or so will support Xbox/ps3,
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