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[TUT]Enabling NitoTV on Apple TV 2


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By now it’s common knowledge that the second generation Apple TV device can be jailbroken on the most recent firmware (iOS build 4.3 at time of writing), but depending on what tool you use to jailbreak depends on whether the NitoTV front end is installed post Jailbreak.

If you have used Seas0nPass to perform your Jailbreak, and find that NitoTV is not present, then follow the below command line steps using terminal to install the NitoTV app.

Step 1: On your Mac, use Terminal to SSH into your Apple TV2. The default password will be ‘alpine’.

To SSH into the device you will need to type – ssh [email protected][replace with your IP]

Step 2: Once you have root access to the Apple TV via terminal type the following commands into terminal to install NitoTV.

  • [*]apt-get install wget
    [*]wget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16129573/com.nito.deb
    [*]dpkg -i com.nito.deb
    [*]apt-get update
    [*]apt-get install com.nito.nitotv

After you have entered the above commands restart your device and NitoTV will be present in the Navigation menu. The NitoTV application allows you to install a number of small tweaks and applications direct to your Apple TV device such as XMBC, weather widgets & a Bluetooth Stack which proves very useful.

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