[TUT] Changing The Activator For a Cheatpack

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    Tutorial Written By Nothinbeter2do

    Q: What does an activator do?

    A: It activates a cheatpack so you can use cheats on Warcraft 3.


    Changing The First Activator

    Open your war3map.j file in JassCraft. If you don't have war3map.j follow this tutorial Installing/Using Warcraft 3 Cheatpacks.

    Search for your current activator by press CTRL+F then typeing in what your current activator is.

    You should find a code that says something like:
    if SubString(GetEventPlayerChatString(),0,8)=="-JDR44iK" then
    -JDR44iK is my current activator. Change it to whatever you want your activator to be. I will change mine to -Se7ensins. It should now look like this:

    if SubString(GetEventPlayerChatString(),0,8)=="-Se7ensins" then
    Do you see left of where it says -Se7ensins? The 8 is how many letters is in my activator. So I will change to how many letters how in are in -Se7ensins (including the dash).So now it should look like this:

    if SubString(GetEventPlayerChatString(),0,10)=="-Se7ensins" then 

    Changing The Second Activator

    Now that you changed the first activator you have to change the second one.

    Search for your original activator again. So I will search for -JDR44iK.

    You should find a code that looks like:

    call TriggerRegisterPlayerChatEvent(ICHEAT,Player(qaz7),"-JDR44iK",false)
    All you need to do is change your original activator (which is -JDR44iK for me) to your new activator. Since I changed my new activator to -Se7ensins before, I have to do that same thing again. My new code should look like:

    call TriggerRegisterPlayerChatEvent(ICHEAT,Player(qaz7),"-Se7ensins",false)


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