Discussion [TUT]BF3 How to Get Anywhere On Any Map

Dr Waffles

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This glitch was founded by my friend Alex and myself.

-2 people
-1 person must have unlocked MAV for the Recon kit
-(you probably want both people to be Recon for spawn beacons)

How to preform the glitch:
1. The first person with the MAV must place it on the ground next to the object that you want to get on top of
2. The second person now jumps on the MAV and goes prone
3. The first person now lifts the second person above the object you want to get on (second person might have to adjust how they are laying on the MAV
4. Person 2 jumps on to the object and person 1 kills themselves
5. Person 1 spawns on person 2 and puts a spawning beacon if you die

It's pretty easy to get on Tehran Highway's highway and you pretty much never die because no one ever sees you.

I'll try to get a video tut but I don't have anyone to record for me so if someone would like to help me with that it'd be much appreciated.

If you post this to anywhere else give credit to me.
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