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Unsolved Trinity RGH red dot randomly showed up

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Hey all, so I just got finished rgh'ing my trinity 360. I had to get a 2nd modchip because the first one broke and one of the pads got ripped off :/. After I got the 2nd one I flashed some timing files and got it to boot quickly. I had everything setup and I went to work yesterday, the 360 was off but plugged in, came back at 2am like usual and the power button is red. I pressed it and it did the beep noise and the light went away. I pressed it again and it's still red. There was a power outage that wasn't at my house but at houses close to me. This thing is on a surge protector and I really don't know how it just started doing this. I'm using the correct power supply that came with the console, the power brick just has a yellow LED and doesn't change when I press the power button. Eject button beeps and just turns on the red LED. I can still see the modchip has power and it's red. It's an ACE v3, not a knockoff one.


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Start by reflashing your original stock nand dump back to the console,desolder the 5v power wire from the Ace chip.Then unplug the power cable from your console and leave for 10-15 seconds.Re-plug back in the power plug and HDMI cable to see if the console will boot to stock dashboard.
If your console still refuses to boot and is still "Red Doting" then hold in the 360 controller sync button and press the DVD drive eject button (you need to do this a total of 4 times) so just keep the 360 consoles controller sync button pressed in and press the dvd drive eject 4 times,one press at a time.Now on each press of the dvd eject,count how many red lights you have around the center of the power light (so anything from 1 to 4 red lights).
Here is a link on the Xbox 360 secondary error code readings which should help you determine which error code you have (if you console is still booting with a "red Dot" on the fron t RF board)



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could be something simple like a wire touching, or a solder splash on the board. I wouldnt rely on too much of the Xbox-Experts error codes for slims, as they seem to be different to the fats. Check around your CPU_RST and the POST_OUT points, its easy to bridge these points slightly. If you soldered to the resistor on the top, examine it closely to make sure you didn't damage it.
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