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Working Transfer Special T-shirt logos on to sweater



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*I am the founder of this certain method of this method.*
NOTE: Not all special t-shirts will work. If they are special tops that are a black or a white t-shirt, then the logo will transfer. But I am sure that other special tops might work and even the old t-shirts from the Independence DLC

You will need to have the Classic Crook outfits unlocked by doing the Silent and Sneaky approach for the Diamond Casino Heist and the special t-shirt of your choice
  1. Make sure you are wearing the special t-shirt top you want to transfer to the sweater
  2. Go to any clothing store or to your Apartment or wherever you can access the Outfits clothing category
  3. Scroll down to Outfits: Diamond Casino Heist
  4. Scroll down to Classic Crook
  5. Choose the outfit called "The Dodgy"
  6. The special t-shirt logo should transfer to the sweater and you can customize it and keep it as a saved outfit.
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