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I am looking for:
  • Tigon with F1s
  • cheap Super San Andreas Motors cars (specifically a Futo, Pheonix and Stanier, but others too) with Benny's BESPOKE*
  • Z-Type with any Benny's or F1
  • Roosevelt with Benny's BESPOKE*
  • cars with BRIGHT 3D Red Crew paint
  • anything with Skulls livery
  • Benny's cars with F1s
  • DR1 with any Benny's
I have too many cars to list. I have several ATVs with F1s or Benny's Originals. I have 2 garages of modded trucks. I have all the weaponized vehicles storeable in owned garages, some with Benny's, some with F1s. I have most of the Apocalypse Arena vehicles with F1s. All supercars with F1 or Benny's except the Tigon, and except a couple others that were under 1.5M$ in game. I have an AA trailer and a Terrorbyte with F1s. I have modded Karumas. Modded coupes (no Flash, Issi or a few others, but have most main ones). I don't have any modded planes, Avenger or Special Vehicles, except a Dune with F1. I got a couple rare ones too like the Go Go, the Dynasty and the Clique, all with Benny's, and a Lost Slam Van with F1s. Have 2 MkII Oppressors, one has the Dollar Dollar livery with a green headlight, and the other has the Santa Crapa livery with a red headlight.

***most of my vehicles are scratched***
***have lots with Yanktons/Green tint***

I can add Halloween horn if you don't have it

I don't have the Spangled Banner horn, on anything

The Patriot Tire Smoke is just #000000aa crew color, but I can add that too if you want, although most of my cars have it on it already​

I'm on PS4, gamertag same as here:

When adding me, send a message saying "Se7enSins." I don't accept random requests. At all. I don't even look at them... So, if you don't let me know, I won't know ?

* "BESPOKE", for reference
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