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teleport glitch -
-play a game mode with unlimited time and spectating camera set to 'free'
-one the game has fully started and the countdown has finished wait a few seconds then change team to spectator
-fly your camera to where you want to teleport
-pause and change to the allegiance team then spam x a few times to get through class select fast.
-the game will unpause you, you will need to be very quick and pause the game again and then press down, x, down, x, this will select the spectator team.
-if you have blood on your screen you have done the glitch, if you enter spectator like normal then you need to perform the glitch faster.

God mode-
-as you see the respawn animation switch to spectator team as the camera gets close to the ground
-if you see blood on your screen then you have spawned on the spectator team and will have god mode and the countdown barriers will be disabled for you.

every other glitch is self explanatory in the video
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