To any good cod5 players...

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: World at War' started by vXxH2KxXv, Nov 17, 2008 with 1 replies and 403 views.

  1. vXxH2KxXv

    vXxH2KxXv Enthusiast

    OK so im amazing at cod4 and War.

    so i need a good team cuz im tired of of **** win to lose ratio. Even though my k/d ratio is pimp.

    I need extremely good people who know what there doing.
    If you suck within the first two matches i will kick you.
    I gurantee we will never loose if there are 2 people that join me that are close to my skill level.

    send f/r to: vXxH2KxXv

    look forward to playin with you!!!!
  2. Pie-chart

    Pie-chart Enthusiast

    I feel the same way:frown:. It's hard to play team deathmatch because i always do really well like 30-5 and then i get crap teammates who die constantly and give them recons and dogs all the time, i would add you but you live in america and it will lag for me:frown:

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