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"Timmy No Thumbs," is holding a third lobby right now

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Leave GT below-- and wait for an invite from one of Timmy's Nation; his lobby's fill very quickly because so many know him and trust his lobby's.Timmy normally can grab a lobby -and get you into a game- within a few seconds with almost no delay, no waiting, simply a relaxed but focused way to get all your challenges completed. Of course this all works if everyone -works together- and follows Timmy's boosting rules, and/or doesn't get greedy. Timmy's method works to keep you from being banned. Just a quick thanks to Timmy for all he does for the community. Read the thread from last night re "Timmy No Thumbs," rules for his boosting lobby's, very basic for those that know what their doing all the same really; The basic rules apply,- two controllers, a working mic, -patience -don't be a jerk- limit 89 kills per game, -No Nukes- DURING DOUBLE XP; Order, Left to right from your specialist character , the 4th round is the challenge round; let us know what you need and someone will help you get it done. Best boosting lobby's, if you want serious but relaxed and wish to get things accomplished quickly. PLEASE, -once invited- BE READY TO GO-- SEVERAL lobby's up and running, and the clock is ticking via double XP.--(-If you don't make it in today, more lobby's are forming throughout the week; LEAVE GT-if you want to be put on our invite list).
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