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Discussion The Western Hemisphere celebrates as the Quarterfinals come to a thrilling end



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The quarterfinals are done and dusted, and to everyone's surprise there is not one Korean team in the semi-finals. The NA and EU regions have returned to the last rounds of the Worlds after 7 long years of Korean domination. The matches have all been blockbuster, and all the victories have been well deserved. The last match of the quarterfinals between Fnatic and EDG was especially exhilarating and Fnatic pulled off some amazing moments to take the victory 3-1.

Here are the highlights of the matches, if for some reason you missed them or you want to relive the amazing moments:

Highlights: Worlds 2018 Quarterfinals Day 1 Match 1 & Match 2

Highlights: Worlds 2018 Quarterfinals Day 2 Match 3 & Match 4

League of Legends has been losing players in the western regions because of the Korean/Asian domination. But now if a NA or EU team wins the Worlds 2018, then it might herald the revival of the game in said regions. Many streamers and players who left LoL for Fortnite etc have now shown interest in coming back to the League. But, there is still one Chinese team in the running and IG is no slouch. IG has played very well in the entire tournament and could very well take home the Summoner's Cup.


Speaking of the semi-finals, the hottest match of the entire event is coming up this Sunday Oct 28, its going to be Fnatic vs Cloud9 battling it out for a spot in the Grand Finals. I am can't wait for that match. My money is on Fnatic winning it all, what do you guys think?
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