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The ultimate merch guide

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The ultimate merching guide

Item flipping:

How it works
Flip merchanting works a little like this. Say you find an item off my list, such as a dragon hatchet. What you do is, take that dragon hatchet, and search for it in the Grand Exchange database. From there, you see if it's rising or crashing. If it's crashing, do not touch it. If it's normal, rising a few hundred GP, use it. Now this is very simple. All you need to do, is buy 10 (max is 10/4 hours) for lower than market price. Maybe around 20k below. Here's the easy part, do your normal RuneScape stuff while you wait for them to buy. If it buys straight away, that's a good thing. Plop those suckers right back into the grand exchange for higher then the medium price, around 5k-10k higher, and wait. Once they sell, congradulations, you've made profit. You can do this same method with 100's of items. Just remember, there's a 4 hour limit, and it takes 4 hours to be able to sell them. Just be patient, and have 2 items buying/selling at the same time. You
will easily start rolling in the cash.

Items to flip mercy

- All barrows armors, such as Torag's, Dhorak's, Ahrim's, Karil's, Guthan's.
- Resource items, such as monkfish, raw/cooked sharks, dragonhides, and anything that's a resource.
- Anything God related, such as Sara chaps, Zammy arrows or anything that you can get from a Treasure Trail clue.
- Ranged items, such as arrows, bows, ranged armor ect.
- Potions, food, anything that people need in their average RuneScape playing. - Runes are a very good item to use, as you can choose from many of them.

Other good items

These are some great flipping items that I highly suggest you do not leak to other friends/players. The more you can buy in the Grand Exchange, the better for you. - Teleport Tabs: such as Varrock, Falador, Camelot, Lumbridge, and any other tabs you can think of. Buy 10k of them at a time. These are great because you can buy like 7 different tabs at once.
- Pking gear: Anything that has to do with pking, try to merchant it. Sharks and Rocktails are great flipping items. As well as rock climbing boots, and super att/str/def potions.

Invest merching:

How it works

Invest merchanting works just how it sounds, you invest in an item, and wait until it rises, then sell it. It's a very tricky, yet easy thing to do once you understand it. The GE database on the homepage is your best friend for merchanting. Always check the charts. It can show if the item is rising, or if it's going to crash soon. You have to learn how to read the graphs correctly. If the item is rising like crazy, it's advised you do not buy the item. The best items are the ones that are a bit lower then they should be. Buy as many as you can at this point, even if it's going down. It WILL rise. 98% of items after crashing will end up rising in price.

You can find good things to merch by going to the grand exchange database at the home page

this guide is under con i will be adding mored all the time

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