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PC The Red Talons (Paramilitary Clan) 18 +



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The Red Talons

'et superare pervincere'
We are the Red Talons, A paramilitary styled gaming community which is founded on teamwork, cooperation and organisation without restrictions and limitations, we are not a serious clan or not mil-sim, just themed and organised as such and players can expect a relaxed environment when part of us, to join you must be fairly Active and be aged 18 or over, Have a clan uniform and vehicle and be able to use teamspeak 3 and have a microphone, for further information please contact the clan's social club which can be found here: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_red_talons

You can watch our Daily Activities, Games, Events and free-play over on twitch at:
Watch live video from gobblerm8 on www.twitch.tv

Our Rules include the following:​
  • All players must be fairly active, at least once a week minimum​
  • All players must be aged 18 or over​
  • A Clan uniform is required: Military Styled outfit no specific items, anything you want as long as it is appropriate and fits the theme​
  • A clan vehicle is required: any suv, offroad or Military styled vehicle done in dark colours: Green, Black, Gray, Brown, Tan, Olive, Forest. And must have the clan insignia if possible​
  • All players will have to have mics and teamspeak 3 for communication purposes​
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