The Problem with taking pictures of a glitch

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    I think the main reason why so many people want their glitches recorded, is then the glitch is "officially" Their own if it is brand new. When someone does the picture method, it is easy to take the glitch and put it on youtube. More people watch glitches on youtube, and thats how they really claim a glitch. People tend to send links of their youtube video, saying they found the glitch first with the video date. More people will believe the person who recorded the glitch was the first to find it, that really makes some people mad when they do not get credit for the glitch. You probably don't really care, but that is why alot of people will not listen to you and do the picture method. I refuse to do the picture method too, thats why I yet to post any glitches. Instead of posting on the forums for a person to record me, I try to search for a glitching clan which will be open to and new glitches found. I think their should be a subforum of people willing to help record glitches, it could possibly stop all the useless threads of people asking to be recorded. I also just noticed this is probably the wrong section to put this, but still everyone must understand why taking pictures isn't reliable.


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