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Working The Machinist mission area from Patrol (Warning: this is not easy)



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Collecting Dead Ghosts for The Chosen's Choice triumph, but can't get the last one because The Machinist just won't show up in Daily Heroic Missions?

Don't worry!

You can get that last Dead Ghost, and it is quite a journey getting there.

Let me explain:

You will begin in The Boil, where you will glitch outside the map by breaching through a wall with your Sparrow. When that's done, you will navigate underneath the map using your sparrow to stay underneath the water and keep from floating up. Once you reach the edge of the map, you will use your Sparrow again, but this time to fly further outside and up again to land on an unused area. From there, you will load in the Machinist mission area, but you will notice a big problem. You are in fact, standing on the opposite side of the area, with an enormous void separating you. You're going to cross this gap too by using your Sparrow to fly, except it will be a much further trip. On your way, you should land on one of the random objects, such as the strange empty house floating in the air so you get a checkpoint. When you've stood there for a few seconds, you will continue flying closer to the other side. At some point, you're going to feel a force pushing you from behind. This is the push-barrier around the Machinist area telling you to get the hell back inside the map. Once this happens, you will have to be positioned such that you are able to either land inside before the countdown timer kills you, or hit the loading zone around the normal entrance.

Of course, it would be easier if you just watched this:

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