Discovery the giant- unlimited death machnine glitch

Pat Brennan

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You can't use the gobblegum machine with the DM icon at the bottom of the screen.
Can you buy the gobblegum then walk over the death machine power up and then pick up the gum?


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Does it really count as pressing triangle?
i don't know probably yes ,but no you can't buy the gobblegum and grab the dm and pick the gobblegum. You can stack your gobblegum , hit square to pick the gobblegum and cook a grenade at the same time. if done right you can throw the grenade , it will switch to your gun. Now don't switch gun or your character will eat the gobblegum. Now grab a dm and see if it work but i highly doubt.

Kent Taylor

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Hey so I was playing on the giant and I knifed into a zombie and got the DM power up but immediately hit triangle which gave me the MR6 . I then went to the gobblegum and couldn't hit it . Then I realized I had the death machine emblem below so I hit triangle and pulled it out. Then I double tapped triangle yet again and he put it away and I couldn't take it out again. I know there was something like this on GOROD KROVI but I wasn't sure about the giant . if this is already known I'll take it down. Sorry and thanks

Yo how about doing this then going through the teleporter at the last second, or maybe doing a easter egg cutscene?


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What about using the gumball where it switches your weapons every 10 seconds for 5 min. That would probably put all of your weapons into your inventory.

I think this would work because you can get multiple ray gun mk3 if whoever has it goes on the dragon and you can get multiple apothecon servents and any wonder weapon using this gumball because the game doesn't register that you have that weapon. This would be good to try.

Try these steps: Have death machine icon at the bottom of the screen. Then get the gobblegum. After the 5 min see if it keeps your death machine
The latest update fixed this possibility


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i dont spread rumors , i spread what i know. There is definitly nothing like the dragons on any others maps atm. I dont say DM glitch is impossible to do on others map , i just say that if you want to find an unlimited dm glitch on another map , stop thinking the same way as the gorod method. Same **** happenned with EE. if you guys keep thinking the same way as gorod krovi , you wont find anything , try new stuff and not just copy and past.
There is the fact that you can get rid of your weapons on shadows of evil which could help as it seen the leaderboards and some of there recent games they have it but it's only 2 guys
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