All The Final Reich Recordings

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    Have Not Seen A Recording Posting Yet.
      1. Behind a barred window to the right of the Waffe 28 wallbuy at the Tower.
      • In The Pub On The Table Near The Blitz
      • In The Spawn Area On The Barrel Next To Quick Revive
      • Inside The Toy Shop In The Village Square On A Bookshelf
      • Next To The Passenger Side Of The Truck In Village Square Closest To The Bunker
      • On A Bench Next To The Statue Near The Thompson (M1928)
      • On A Barrel In The Courtyard Next To The Entrance Of The Lab
      • On The Table To The Left In The Lab Entering From The Courtyard
      • On a table directly in front of the staircase that leads up to the courtyard within the Laboratory.
      • n the Salt Mine Tunnels, on a table to the left of the hilt of Frederick Barbarossa's Sword
      • Inside the Command Center, on a table across from the disposal tube.
      • On a table in the office in the Morgue.
      • On a table to the left of the staircase that leads down to the lowest level of the Morgue.
    • On a crate inside the sewers, near the underground tunnel entrance.

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    Nice, I've been looking for all of the recordings in zombies!

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