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    Section Rules

    This section is reserved for GLITCHES only.

    • Do not make "spam" posts, this is included but not limited to, one word responses, smilies, "k" etc.
    • Flaming is not tolerated, calling someone a "leech" or any other offensive words will result in an infraction.
    • Do not ask for Subscription codes, this includes 48 hour trials, there are plenty of tutorials around to get them free.
    • Do not advertise, this will result in an immediate permanent ban.
    • Do not buy, sell or trade any accounts here.
    • Do not post "warez" here.
    • Do not take any threads off topic ("Derailing") as this is considered spam(i.e asking for GT's) this is what PM's are for.
    • Saying "Thanks" or "No Problem" is considered spam, if you appreciate something someone has done click the like button.
    • Do not steal tutorials that are not yours. We will find out and the post will be deleted. if you see a thread of someone doing this REPORT IT.
    • Threads posted here must contain a text tutorial. Any videos posted here that contain no text tutorial will be moved to The Division Videos.
      • Repeat offenders may be subject to consequences.
    • We remind all members that the General Board Rules also apply here, and we encourage all members to read them.
    • Please search before posting. A quick search can eliminate any reposted glitches. All reposted glitches will be deleted/locked.
    • If you're looking for people to do a glitch with, please make use of The Division Party Up section. Any posts asking for invites will be deleted.
    All support questions concerning modding, glitching, and or exploiting The Division go into the Support section. Any threads found in this section that belong there will be moved eventually. Consistently posting support threads here will result in your thread being deleted until you learn where to post.

    Support Section
    A lot of people think that their thread regarding a question is better here because it will get more attention. Do not do this, all support threads will be moved to the correct support section.
    Posts referring to general play of the game go into the General Area of Tom Clancy's: The Division.

    It is highly recommended that these rules are observed and practiced within The Division sections.
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    Rule addition:

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