The Best Way To Report Reposts/Patched Glitches

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Best Way To Report Reposts
As many of you have probably noticed, glitches and other threads are reposted several times in a day. Here is a way you can help us (the staff) handle the reports of reposts because not every staff member knows about GTA V and knows what has been reposted. So doing this simple thing can really help us out.

When you go to report a repost thread, please include a link to the first post of that glitch or thread. So say an unlimited money thread was posted at 8:00 am and later on someone reposted the same glitch, then copy the URL of the first post and paste it in the report. Below is an example:

Once reported a staff member can check the timestamps on each of the two threads and delete the reposted one. Thank you for making our job easier and keep on reporting those reposts!

Reporting Patched Glitches
In an effort to try and minimize the number of glitches that no longer work being bumped to the top of the forum, we ask that if you notice that a glitch is patched please report the thread so that a moderator can deal with it; in turn keeping the forum as tidy as possible.

By reporting a glitch that has been patched, you are helping out the community by allowing us to lock glitches that may no longer work.

Please be 100% certain that a glitch is patched before reporting it. This helps us to ensure that you aren't reporting somebodies hard work that still works perfectly.

Here is an example of how you can report a glitch is patched:

Or if the glitch was hotfixed you could type this

Thank you for your cooperation,

Se7ensins Staff​
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Adding another little reminder to this, if you see a glitch that has been patched or is a duplicate. Don't post and flame telling them how you know it is a duplicate or that it's patched, just report it and move on.

I've seen plenty of members doing this over the past few weeks, if you continue to do it, you will end up getting infracted, thanks.


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This is another reminder that flaming users who post a duplicate thread is against the rules and will result in an infraction if seen.

Please report ANY threads/posts you see that break this rule so they can be handled by a moderator.
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