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    I have retired so here people have been asking for this i have had this list on for many months and got over 15,000 views ENJOY there are like 35 other mods i have but do not fell like converting (those 35 are the most recent) at one point i had links to all mods this is what i got like 6 months later

    currently 509 mods and working on the new count of
    missing links

    IF I ADDED ALL MODS (MAPS/Gametypes/films/pics/Mods I have on my console/mods you xport) there would be about 570 mods

    SORRY NO ANNOUNCE I AM RETIRING MOSTLY BECAUSE MODDING HAS FADDED AND IM INTO OTHER STUFF CHECK OUT THE DIGITAL COPY OF THE LIST (at the bottom of the page) IT'S IN MICOROFT WORD 2000 FORMAT AND PLEASE USE AS REFERENCE AND DO NOT EDIT OR RIP THANKYOU FOR MAKING THIS TOPIC THE MOST VIEWED TOPIC ON IBOTMODZ BUT ALL THINGS MOST COME TO AN ENDDirections for MAPS: To download simply click on the link if it's available it will send you to from their you sign into windows live ID then click download to Halo 3 go to you xbox 360 sign out sign back in and it will download

    Directions for VIDEOS: click on link, the link will send you to from their sign into your windows live ID if not already. Then click Download to halo 3 (the thing you click on is located below the arthurs of the maps name) then sign out of your xbox 360, sign back in then go to theater plat the film you just downloaded then go to theater or forge and the map will be in recent games then click x next to map to save in recent games then the map is yours
    Progress of the fans
    Wow 1000+ views in the first 7 days

    WOW 3,000 views in a little less then a month

    [​IMG] THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT 15,477 Views [​IMG] (the most viewed page on [​IMG]

    Note: if u click on a link and doesn't load (white screen) i had this problem so if u do Right Click on links and click copy shortcut open up new internet window and past (this should work)

    Some History: I was first introduced to modding when a friend showed me a mod that i never thought could be done then i saw list on this site by Mfone and he had about 130 mods alot of links were broken so i decided to fix them then i started adding day after day. soon i had a list with about 200 mods that was not well organized so i edited the entire list putting in a new format taken even more time then add more mods and new things to keep this list popular like polls, youtue videos, unreleased mods that i have, and symbols to let people know what mods are good then bungie changed all links which made me have to convert all 500+ links now am adding my last 30 mods and after 5 months and about 300 hours of work i am retiring and moving on tho something else Have a nice Life. And i hoped you enjoyed this life as much as i did.
    [​IMG] = new or updated
    [​IMG] = If you have time, excellent Map

    YOUTUBE link (it will be in Georgia font and font size=3)
    If you can't click on the map then no link is available

    Updated as of November 19 , 2008 at 3:05 P.M. eastern time

    as of OCTOBER 17, 2008 (early morning) all links are good

    Avalanche (20)
    BNTE - Avamod By MrTwiggyI0I
    Fort Unknown By xTyLer iZ iLL
    Ava Mess
    Halo Wars
    Tele View
    Ava Flood v23 [​IMG] By YeIIowyoiker
    Snow mod!!! By Gamecheater
    Episode 1 by Kk LethaL OreO
    Ava Flood By MFone
    Floating Pit By BlubberyWeiner [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    Modzzz By gietzenator
    Halo Wars By KSI Carbon Core
    UFO Landing By BlubberyWeine [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    Magic land
    M Y T H ii C By iTZz BaTMaYNe
    Donkey Kong (map) By jfrankmod [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    donkey kong (gametype)
    By jfrankmod (not included in mod list just extra if you want)
    Race Track [​IMG] By: Repo [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    Industrial Firm [​IMG] By: Repo (also known as AV4 which is my favorite avalanche map) [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]

    Blackout (11)
    Blackdown By ShotSpartin1177
    Lockdown [​IMG] By ShotSpartin1177
    Blackout V2 By MFone
    Skyzz By xTyLer iZ iLL
    !JUMP CRAZY! By ShotSpartin1177
    Tornado By R4Z0R iz CluTcH
    Blackout Flood003 By Dog Can Mod Too (final version not completed it's in the early stages)
    mmmmmoooooooddd By bigsniper55
    Flooded Blackout By: Repoman 108 and me (XxFaTaLGaMerxX (this is my gamertag)
    - Click here for a detailed description of this map and some screenshots

    Cold Storage (19)
    Cold Storage
    ChiloutV2 By R4Z0R iz CluTcH
    Flood Storage :
    Steamy VA JJs
    Cold By beatdownmaster9 (play video and will be in recent games)
    FBI mod By F.B.I
    The Flood By fiberbomb
    The Unfors33n YOUTUBE LINK
    ChilloutV4 By R4Z0R iz CluTcH
    Test By SKIPPER132
    Chillout By ShotSpartin1177
    RaceoutV2 By R4Z0R iz CluTcH
    The Flood! By Pwn the N00Bs
    Bubble Mods By *@%$#$
    Planet Mod By XShadowSnipesX
    Cold StorageMod By Canadian Halo
    Icy Storage By: iTZ Sphere (play map in theater and it will be in recent games)
    S looping Mod By: linkyoshi

    Construct (11)
    The Storm [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    Longitude By xTyLer iZ iLL
    Purple rings By: beatdownmaster9 (play video and will appear in recent games)
    Yellow Rings By: beatdownmaster9 (play video and will appear in recent games)
    underworld By beatdownmaster9 (play video and will appear in recent games)
    The Lifts By ShotSpartin1177
    Newstruct By xTyLer iZ iLL
    crazy By daKOOLaidMAN421
    Waterfall ModBy MrTwiggyI0I
    Heroic [​IMG] By iTZz BaTMaYNe
    fun mod By gamecheat12

    Epitaph (10)
    Epitaph Mod
    Crapitaph By ambi0
    Taph By: jotineb
    Hell By SANTAN
    Slayer 002 (messed) By: WearingJOK3R
    Epitaph Clones By MrTwiggyI0I
    Quadwings Tomb By xTyLer iZ iLL
    Same Old Story By xTyLer iZ iLL
    dinotaph By zZDarkLegacyZz
    Sanctuary By SKIPPER132

    Foundry Mod
    Katrina By xTyLer iZ iLL
    Area 51
    Flooded Foundry 1
    Foundry ModT4ck
    Map Mod
    never back down
    The Fight Mod
    Modded Journey
    Dance Floor By daCOOKIEman117
    Marathon Maze! By Foo F1ghters
    Battle Ground By daCOOKIEman117
    Nerd= Uber G@Y By Nerd=**********
    lots of clones By beatdownmaster9 (play video and it will be in you recent games)
    Light It up By LookAtThemNUBS
    Convex [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    Project X By bobisacool
    Cross Sector By DJB Mixin It Up
    Hexoron By DJB Mixin It Up
    da mod By gamecheat12
    broken ship fix
    By gamecheat12
    Sniper Training
    By Canadian Halo
    Ghost Fight By Walapu
    derivation [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    Contagious by DJB Mixin It Up
    Onslaught V3 By Kr3w Gametypes
    Float By modern moders
    NevrendingJourny By: Detonation 299
    cavus 022 By: WearingJOK3R
    Fortress Mod By: BrokenRiver
    Slayer 003 (My mod) By: BrokenRiver (play video in theater for it to appear in recent maps)
    awakening By: WearingJOK3R
    Basketball Mini By: Repo
    Cleaner Streets By Repoman 108
    Day 1 By Hydro Ride
    The Box By H3 Pyro
    Obstacle Course Easy By MrTwiggyI0I
    Obstacle Course HardBy MrTwiggyI0I
    D-Day Mod By ShotSpartin1177
    Light Test By MrTwiggyI0I
    Obstacle Course #2 By MrTwiggyI0I
    The Underground By xPimPinTyLeR
    Sticky arenaBy zZDarkLegacyZz [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    The Final Boss By zZDarkLegacyZz
    Journey of legacy By zZDarkLegacyZz
    Crossided By Canadian Halo
    fort 117 [​IMG] By Canadian Halo
    Demo Derbi By Aussie G
    FloodedFoundry2 By nox13666
    Flooded Foundry V2 By nox13666
    Submarine By R4Z0R iz CluTcH
    Frzn Part 1 By HOOTYPOOTY
    Concert Time By xPimPinTyLeR
    Green & blue By walapu
    Lockout V1 By ShotSpartin1177
    Lock0ut V2 By ShotSpartin1177
    Knockout By xPimPinTyLeR
    Zombie Vents [​IMG] By zZDarkLegacyZz
    infraction By Canadian Halo
    Foundry test By x133783457x
    Mine Field By walapu
    Mine Field V2 By walapu
    Fun House ModBy ShotSpartin1177
    MODfoundry000 By xi Sean Ix
    Darkness By Canadian Halo [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    House of Horror By daCOOKIEman117
    Hurricane [​IMG] By itachi047
    Consert By GHO5T BUST3Rs
    surts3y By Xx666 360 666xX (not a good not but is a mod only lights and does not lag for me)
    Casino Mod [​IMG] By 299xXxKill
    Turture By Bungie
    Beatdown Box By Phantom Mod
    Finsh The Fight By M0dd3rs 0f 2K8 (Watch video and will appear in recent games so you can then save)
    Prison By
    CASTLE MOD By Hydro Ride
    Alone BOX MOD By: linkyoshi
    H3PG Br00tality By: I BloodySatan I
    Im a Comin' [​IMG] By: Repoman 108
    Thrive [​IMG] By: Canadian Halo
    Traverse [​IMG] BY Canadian Halo [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    Towers By: Canadian Halo [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    Mano Madness [​IMG] By: BirthdayPresent
    Tag Map By: gamecheat12
    Team C.F.H By: linkyoshi
    MIXEUR V2 MOD By: linkyoshi
    Insanity By: Canadian Halo
    HalfpipedBy: Canadian Halo

    Ghost Town(4)
    Ghost Town 012
    Trip Mine Test By xTyLer iZ iLL
    Ghosts n1 [​IMG] By ???Nuklear

    Last Reckoning [​IMG] By xTyLer iZ iLL [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    aBesst By xTyLer iZ iLL
    Halogram By zZDarkLegacyZz
    Astronomic By zZDarkLegacyZz
    KnA GD Test v1 [​IMG]
    HVC Guardian
    Wrecked By Kr3w Modder
    Guardian v2 By DJB Mixin It Up
    Halo 2 By 5337guy
    Guardian By ambi0
    SOlid mods 0.1 By ambi0
    Greenscreen modBy iGuardian
    KNA GD Test V2 By
    BR Arena v4 By HOOTYPOOTY
    70 shades By Canadian Halo
    Guardian 2.0 By Bungie
    Snow/Fog Test By xTyLer iZ iLL
    Eutopia By Devong32
    Deception [​IMG] By ShotSpartin1177
    BSP PHAIL By ShotSpartin1177
    Lost Planet [​IMG] By R4Z0R iz CluTcH
    MOOOOOOOOOODDD By bigsniper55
    Control Room By gamecheat12

    High Ground(17)
    Invisible walls
    Fish party By Twisted TG07
    High Ground v2
    Wreckage By daCOOKIEman117
    Canz By beatdownmaster9 (play video in theater and will appear in recent games)
    Path of Gates By MrTwiggyI0I [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    HiGhGrOuNdMoD By ShotSpartin1177
    Row Your Boat By xTyLer iZ iLL
    The Dam By austin bomber
    ModBox V1 By Shade4510
    Bot Ground By Shade4510 [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    ACE Track [​IMG] By AngrySODAWORM [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    Halo Wars BY Bungie 299
    Highground Test By LookAtThemNUBS
    The Blob By LookAtThemNUBS

    Sickness By zZDarkLegacyZz
    Iso mods By ITz kennerz
    Isolated [​IMG] By SA-Mods
    The Flood Pit By xTyLer iZ iL
    Donut City BY xTyLer iZ iL
    TheFlood 003 By ShotSpartin1177
    Invince HillBy SKIPPER132
    Donut Land 001By ShotSpartin1177

    Last Resort (22)
    Atlantis V1
    Mod Ships
    BAR By A Kr3w Modder
    Box By gamecheat12
    Final Camp By SiCkHaLo GaMeR
    The Last Resort Mod By Anth0ny562
    Atlantis V2 By ShotSpartin1177
    Windy City [​IMG] By yungbolxxxxxxxx
    BBBBBBy xTyLer iZ iLL
    X-Treme Race By Dark Slipstream
    Flood Island By ambi0
    Oceania [​IMG] By Dark Slipstream
    First HEX Map By Mattyovers
    Ruins By LookAtThemNUBS [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    Monerail [​IMG] By LookAtThemNUBS
    Tunnle By LookAtThemNUBS
    Tunnel Rider! [​IMG] By AmazingTunnel!
    Infection Beach By ZombieInfect
    Tunnel RACEBy Chrisco93

    All out War By beatdownmaster9 (play video and will appear in recent games)
    shee mod and... By gamecheat12
    Narrowlifts [​IMG] By:
    Air Base V1 By nox13666
    Narrows2 By MFone
    All-Star Mod BY MrTwiggyI0I
    Water World By rocket46
    70 Hornets By Canadian Halo
    70 banshee [​IMG] By Canadian Halo
    Hornet By Canadian Halo
    Misty Mountain V2 By SKIPPER132
    Air Base Adv. By Devong32
    Hornet Land By walapu
    Dog Fight By zZDarkLegacyZz
    make a house 2 by gamecheat12
    Ghost track V3 [​IMG] By Hi Im L00 (weird because it is the exact same map as halo3dude racetrack but he is not the author)

    Rat's Nest(10)
    FM Race
    Capture Da FlagMod [​IMG] By daCOOKIEman117
    Foo Fighters
    pelican By gamecheat12
    Rat's Nest By daKHAOSguy024
    Hopppqq By xTyLer iZ iLL
    New Rats Nest By ambi0
    UNSC base V1 By zZDarkLegacyZz
    Mayhem [​IMG] By nox13666
    Truckas By R4Z0R iz CluTcH

    4 elephant in air 3 ground

    Crashed Frigate
    Elephant Tower
    St41rW4y M0d
    Bunker World
    Wow mod By gamecheat12
    ELEPHNTITIS 0 By Will XS01
    Not a mod By I BloodyModder
    Phantom Race
    [​IMG] By iTZz BaTMaYNe
    SV3 By: Repoman 108 (Play video for it to appear in recent games)
    Ultra Zombies X By Da Crazy Basta
    F.O.T.D. By ambi0
    7 Elephants By SligStorm [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    22 Elephants By nox13666
    Sandtrap V3 By Shad0w LAG
    102 Elephants By H3 Pyro (Lags alot) [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    Frigates Map By ambi0
    Warhawks By ThE EaZy B
    Sandtrapmod By ShotSpartin1177
    2 fused ships floating By ambi0
    Modsss By devioddj
    Darktrap V1 [​IMG] By CHRiS tWOStREEt [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    Weezy BBy xTyLer iZ iLL
    Ub3rly Bouncey [​IMG] By Ub3r Modz0rs!!!
    Frigate Takeoff By Dark Slipstream
    Beastly Beach By zZDarkLegacyZz
    Elephant Stairs By Mystery Entry
    Sinking Elephant By Woodley Bonner
    Elephantitis By Woodley Bonner
    AirTrap By ShotSpartin1177
    The dead zone By xPimPinTyLeR
    Phantom Test By ikillyou52
    Crash mod By ITz kennerz
    Ub3r Track [​IMG] By Z CF CM D !! [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    FrigiTrap [​IMG] By zZDarkLegacyZz
    Recon Race By daKHAOSguy024
    To The Hills! By LookAtThemNUBS
    OP By BungieGotOwned
    roller coaster! By LookAtThemNUBS
    race mod$a$茀耀 By gamecheat12
    windy mod By gamecheat12
    sky race mod
    By gamecheat12
    cannon mod By gamecheat12
    HALO WARS! [​IMG] By Chrisco93
    Twisteds Mods By Chrisco93
    moveable mods By gamecheat12
    Bloody's SHIP By I BloodyModder
    Rolling Along By: Take a moment!!

    unfound [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    Stay Inside
    the mod By gamecheat12
    Newbound By Shad0w LAG
    Snowbound V1 By Veegie
    Snowbound V1.5 By Veegie
    Goons Wasteland By xTyLer iZ iLL
    Stov T 00aaa By xTyLer iZ iLL
    Flurry V0.1 By SKIPPER132
    Flurry v0.2 By SKIPPER132
    Flurry V0.3 By SKIPPER132
    Overstocked By KSI Carbon Core
    Iceblock By Canadian Halo
    Bondeg By Veegie
    Snowbound V2 By Shad0w LAG

    Usa [​IMG] By Game Tuts
    Fallen By Kr3w Modder
    (MOD) battle 2 By gamecheat12
    (Mod) Battle 3 By gamecheat12
    Satellite [​IMG] By IXICWBIXI
    Invisible Missie Pod By Shade4510
    Bunker World By eazy weezy1177
    Clones Glory By DARK 5PAR74N
    Standoff mod By NOT uselessdewe
    boom mod!

    The Pit (32)
    Pelican Station
    The Pit V1.1
    Eliete Takeover [​IMG] By R4Z0R iz CluTcH
    Training By daCOOKIEman117
    Pelicana By SA-Mods
    COD By beatdownmaster9 (play video and will appear in recent games)
    troop mod By gamecheat12
    watch em By gamecheat12
    HIBA BY: Broken River299
    Slayer 004 (CTF) BY: BrokenRiver (play video in theater and it will appear in your recent maps)
    The Pit Mod By kk x GhostKiler
    Braking out By the real oops
    Legacy Map1 By zZDarkLegacyZz
    Bird Attack By Dark Slipstream [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    Pit NVR Release By Halo Hax0r!!!
    aaaaaahii By xTyLer iZ iLL
    Birds By SKIPPER132
    Off roads By II Rubiks II
    pit Sxey Time mod By ShotSpartin1177
    Troop hog By SA-Mods
    Th3 m0dd3d P1t By ShotSpartin1177
    BlackHawkDown By ShotSpartin1177
    CURRENT[a By Glitch100 (First release mod with working cameras)
    MoDdEd 001 By TGxStEaLtHxMaN
    Valley of Death [​IMG] By jfrankmod
    The Modded pit By bigsniper55
    I see u By: I will Own you
    MoDdEd 001 By: TGxStEaLtHxMaN

    Power Pulse Mod
    Supplies [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    SMOKY CaVerns
    forest citidel
    Sandbox mod By Devong32 (play video in theater and it will appear in recent games)
    TELE SPACE By Devong32
    New Concept By TheUltimaPerson
    Butterfly FX By WR MaFaiA (play in theater then it will appear in recent games)
    How to canvus BY TJFAD117 (A racetrack with mongoose pads made by halodu2de)
    Modhalla By Hydro Ride
    VallhallaModded By Anth0ny562
    River World 1.0 By ShotSpartin1177
    Valhalla v2 By Tarzan
    Valhalla 001 By Anth0ny562
    Valhalla v2 By TH3 M41N DUD3
    Tree City By Dark Slipstream
    Cloverfield By zZDarkLegacyZz
    Bunker War v2 By
    Battle Creek 2c By x blbassi x
    pelican valley [​IMG] By x blbassi x
    Spa mod By ambi0
    Witch side [​IMG] By ambi0
    Disney Land [​IMG] By Devong32
    Bungie Day By ambi0
    Modd3 By Anth0ny562
    VahallaStarzV2 By its shot ya dig
    FRICKING SPACE By rocket46
    Timberland MOD BY HOOTYPOOTY
    Flooded Valhala By Evan Halo Beta (freezes xbox,can't go to dashboard got to restart system)
    Delta Halo By Tarzan
    Jungle H* [​IMG] BY Tarzan
    $ By ambi0
    confined By walapu
    RainForest By Hydro Ride
    FireWorks By: gamecheat12

    Gametype Mods(10)
    Brute Spiker Starting Weapon
    Beam Rifle Start By walapu
    Instant Respawn [​IMG] By Shad0w LAG
    Missile Pod Start [​IMG] By SA-Mods (Only works with levels already containing missle pods Ex. Vahalla)
    Small sword start [​IMG] By SA-Mods
    Flamethrower start [​IMG] By MASTER ELITE 56
    2 swords By: Gamecheat12
    (Primary Sword: regular sword, Secondary: modded sword, Instant Respawn, and the modded sword is sticking out of your butt (if you switch weapon it is no longer sticking out of your butt, if you die then it will be there again you can't see it sticking out of your but unless your in theater but it is still sticking out it other people can see it and you can see it on other people)
    R-Sniper Duel By: xI Reapers Ix
    Forge By: jfrankmod (NOTE: when you click on the gametype is says carbine instead of forge but it is the same gametype. This gametype allows 16 people in forge. This is the first forge gametype made I played a gametype that does the same forge thing but starts with a flamethrower I am looking for a link for it)

    Picture Mods(87)
    Walrus CEL
    Forge 003
    SHOT 1
    Halo Mods
    CoD 4 [​IMG]
    Remake Headlong
    Kim Kardashian [​IMG]
    GTA 4 [​IMG]
    Judo is Awsome
    Get Rick Roll'd
    A sweet car [​IMG]
    Mudkip [​IMG]
    COld Strorage [​IMG]
    You cant haz
    MLG [​IMG]
    Funny picz [​IMG]
    Golden Warthog [​IMG]
    Metal Core Modz
    Spongebob (ROFL) [​IMG]
    CaLL Me CoDy [​IMG]
    Metal-Core-Modz [​IMG]
    X Snayke X
    Walrus Revenge
    Hovercat [​IMG]
    Watchout [​IMG]
    magic cat [​IMG]
    having a drink
    LOL cat 117 [​IMG]
    car [​IMG]
    7th Column mods
    Big Man
    Don't Do it [​IMG]
    The Pokemon [​IMG]
    it's true
    Modding update
    LOL cats ahhhh [​IMG]
    Join Ibotmodz
    Simpsons [​IMG]
    I Heart Bungie
    Will you marry me
    Golden Warthog V2
    Amazing kid
    I want cookies
    Safe seckz
    Chick Cheif
    Kitty Vader [​IMG]
    Learn Chinese
    Test Mod [​IMG]
    I was Here
    Recon MOney [​IMG]
    Im coming
    Unreadable [​IMG]
    Indestructible [​IMG]
    New Map (Purple Reign)
    Surprize Attack [​IMG]
    Cheezburger [​IMG]
    I went Fishing
    LOOK AT IT!!!
    Football!!! [​IMG]
    I am IronMan [​IMG]
    Mythic Map Pack [​IMG]
    Call her
    Typical Asian
    Grunt B-Day
    They can??? 002


    Here's a List of mods including unreleased mods that I do not have links to but i have on my 360 Console
    (this list I'm making will not be included into my mod list it is totally separate)
    (all unreleased i can show in forge but will not be given to in any matter until released by author)
    t;line-height:100%">(I have 3 account where I can store backup mods I will only mentioned the mods on my main unless I had on main and transferred to backup accounts)
    (if I did add these to the list there would be about 534 mods)

    There are about 20 other mods I have now updated yet I will update this part when I get a chance

    [​IMG] = Unreleased (only me & a select few have & has not been shown on internet/custom games)

    Black writing= I had on my console when i started this section but no longer have
    Blue writing= currently have on my console

    Acceleration []Mod[]
    Avalanche Flood
    Floaty Pit

    Ava Flood v23
    AV4 (has been released under the name Industrial Firm)

    Icyspace (2 moons)
    !Jump Crazy!
    [​IMG] Spinny Babys (invisible floor covering entire bottom map) (updated version of Heart)
    [​IMG] WTF out (I have on a Backup account)
    [​IMG] Good O'L Smokey (updtaed version of smoke)

    Blackout Flood (click here for a detailed description and screenshots of this map)
    Blackoutspacev3 (I have on a Backup account)

    Cold Storage
    [​IMG] Hide don't Seek (Flood Bubbles made into stairs)
    Bubble mod
    [​IMG] Bill Valentine
    Chillout [] V2
    Chillout [] V4
    Monitor [] (I have on a backup account)
    Chillout V2
    infected Storage (tentacles all over the place)

    FBI mod
    Tunnel Run

    The Lifts
    The Storm

    The underworld
    [​IMG] The Under (updated version of underworld now with more room to walk on the invisible floor)
    Purple Reign V2

    Crapitaf (on my backup account)
    Quadwings Tomb (on my backup account)
    Epitaph V2_2

    Hurricane [] (updated Huricane Katrina with moving water)
    [​IMG] Air Derby (flying High in the air using a invisible barrier with water below you)
    Zombie Vents
    Stickey Arena
    Fort 117
    Katrina Mod

    Casino Mod
    [​IMG] Dernation
    Project X
    [ame=""]Cross Sector[/ame]

    Station flood
    Im a Commin
    Cleaner Streets

    Ghost Town
    [​IMG] Mod OFFFFFF
    [​IMG] Dark Town [] (Entire sky black)

    Lost Planet [] (on my backup account)
    KNA GD Test V1
    KNA GD Test V2
    Snow/Fog Test (Updated Version of Last reckogning)

    [​IMG] Sphere Guardian
    [​IMG] Guardian Sphere
    Halo 2

    High Ground
    [ame=""]Ace Track[/ame]
    CTF Ground

    Iso Mods
    Isolated (has a Divinci code wall kinda like the one on the covenant)(everyone can see)
    Flood Pit
    [​IMG] Warm loop
    I S o MoD {}

    Last Resort
    []Wheelz[] (Similar to Wind City but better)
    X-Treme Race
    My Zanzimod (I have on a backup account)
    Tunnel Rider!

    Flood Island

    [ame=""]Tsacavo Final (Modded Racetrack)[/ame]
    (go to the end of the clip to see the last resort track)

    70 Banshees
    Water World
    All-star mod

    [​IMG] Chill
    icicle V6F

    Rat's Nest
    Mayhem []
    Capture DA Flag
    [​IMG] Sphere Nest

    [​IMG] Recon Race (kinda modded mongoose)
    Crash mod
    1000 Eggs
    LH Sandtrap
    Darktrap V1
    Ub3rly B0uncy
    Boarding Action
    [​IMG] Smod
    [ame=""]SkyRace3.0[/ame] (Here is a link to so you can see the map on youtube)
    Halo wars
    Phantom Race

    Stov T 00aa
    [​IMG] SBV1.1

    USA [] (lights on the Satellite arranged into a American Flag)
    [​IMG] Lightoff (lights all over the map)
    Darkoff []
    Standoff mod
    Modded Standoff

    The Pit
    [​IMG] Monitor Room (unreleased camera in different location)
    [​IMG] Modslayer [] (unreleased camera in different location and Pelicans)
    Elite Takeover (a elite is on camera) (I have on a backup account)
    UNSC Warthogs
    [​IMG] Jacked up
    [​IMG] Security Centr3 (unreleased camera in different location)
    [​IMG] The pit (unreleased camera in different location)
    Pelicana (Pelicans all over the place)
    Sxey Time Mod
    Off Road
    [​IMG] Sphere Pit
    [​IMG] Elite Takeov3r

    Fricking Space
    TELE Space
    Disney Land
    LH Bridge (is on my backup account)
    Jungle H*

    [​IMG] Space & Water (same as Fricking space but with another sandbox teleporter located above the secon waterfall)

    (My Favorite maps)

    AV4 (favorite Avalanche) (know known as Industrial firm)

    Spinny babies (favorite Invisible barrier map)

    FBI mod (favorite Cold Storage)

    Heroic and Halo3dude racetrack comes in at a tie for my favorite construct map

    Favortie Epitaph is a Three way Tie Between Crapitaf, Quadwings Tomb and the race track

    Favorite Foundry map is Thrive and Hurricane

    Favorite Ghost Town is DarkTown

    Favorite Guradian mod is Guardian Sphere (it was renamed but can't rember new name)

    Favorite Highground Ace Track

    Favorite Isolation mod I S o MoD {}

    Favorite Last Resort Is a tie between Ocenia (my favorite flooded map) and Tascavo Highway

    Favorite Narrows is a tie between Chill (only about 20 people have) the Narrows racetrack made by Halo3dude

    Favorite Rat's Nest mod is Capture Da Flag

    Favorite Sandtrap is SkyRace3.0, 1000 eggs, Halo wars, and Phantom race

    Favorite Snowbound SBV 1.1 and the racetrack me and Razor made

    Favorite Standoff is Lightoff and just about all the ones with satalites

    Favorite pit is Sphere pit

    Favorite Vahalla is Space and water and Jungle H*
    list of mods that you download to your computer and xport to your console

    Total of 26 modded maps to Download

    This count will not be included into the mod list count and is in a totally different category

    Warning: I have been told some mods that you download to your computer and transfer to your xbox can Have virus I am pretty sure these don't but neither me or this site can be held repsonsible for something you do at your own risk

    Last Resort Derby Final
    X ScReAmEr
    Valley Of Death
    Krylon 117
    For a Detailed Description and pics click here
    Ring of FireFor a Detailed Description and pics click hereDodge Ball V1 For a Detailed Description and pics click here
    NovaFor a Detailed Description and pics click here
    Spores For a Detailed Description and pics click here
    Forest Wars For a Detailed Description and pics click hereInvisArace For a Detailed Description and pics click here
    Rampy v2 For a Detailed Description and pics click here
    Fire Escape V2 For a Detailed Description and pics click here
    Epitah Racetrack
    For a Deatailed Desription and pics click here
    Stand off Drag Race For a Detailed Description and pics click here
    Fat Hotel For a Detailed Description and pics click here
    Last Resort Racetrack For a Detailed Description and pics click here
    Valhalla Racetrack For a Detailed Description and pics click here
    [Click here to view the link] For a Detailed Description and pics click here

    Construct Racetrack For a Detailed Description and pics click here [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    MTRO Racetrack For a Detailed Description and pics click here [ame=""]YOUTUBE LINK[/ame]
    COD4 F.N.G. Remake For a Detailed Description and pics click here
    Krishka Ground For a Detailed Description and pics click here
    Warlock.MAP For a Detailed Description and pics Click here
    Infection Run For a Detailed Description and pics click here
    Pacific Currents Map pack
    [SA] Floodraid

    This Topic Has Been Made by "ZZmoddudeZZ" from Do Not Rip

    Thanks goes out to:
    trevx64 for telling me about this site
    ibotpeaches for making this site
    sphere95 for showing me some unreleased mods
    canadian Halo for showing me how to fix links after bungie's site update
    darkruler for his help and giving me links to mods during the reconstruction of this site
    and all administrators for the much appreciated work you all do on this site

    This post has been edited by ZZmoddudeZZ: Yesterday, 03:06 PM
    Attached File(s) [​IMG] ( 2.85MB ) Number of downloads: 0



    oops the youtube links were supposed to mt links only not the video i can't edit sorry here are some more of the links that i talked about

    Maps (Fileshare Links)

    Avalanche Titan Aquatica by ManBearPig

    Blackout I Blackout I by Modder Man1177

    Blackout RollerCoaster by ShotSpartin1177

    Cold Storage ColdStorage edt by @#%$ Ur Mom....

    Cold Storage Contaminated by R-Sean

    Foundry The Scarab V3 by Grunt-tastic!

    Foundry Grid locked by Grunty Thirst!

    Foundry Battle Box 1.1 by Grunty Thirst!

    Foundry road warrior V8 by ManBearPig

    Foundry A BOX HOUSE 000 by HLG N00BY

    Foundry N00B TRAPS by S0ME0NE VII

    Foundry Sun in The Fun by Grunt-tastic!

    Foundry Cage Match by ShotSpartin1177

    Foundry Modded Tombston by ShotSpartin1177

    Foundry ModTr4ck by ShotSpartin1177

    Guardian The Swamp by ShotSpartin1177

    Last Resort MOD SHIPS by ShotSpartin1177

    Last Resort LastResortMod by a Roman Candle7

    The Pit The Pit 001 by ShotSpartin1177

    Valhalla Tree Race by Shot is in here

    Valhalla Try & Escape by ShotSpartin1177

    Valhalla Mod V3.6 by ShotSpartin1177

    valhalla st41rw4y by Sh0tSp4rt1n1177


    Videos (play video for map)

    None at this TIME

    Video (Youtube)

    None at this time

    FT-Forge" by R-Sean




    Maps you download then Xport to your console

    [Halodu03de] Rats Nest Racetrack

    [Halodu03de] new racetrack BRUTAL

    [Halodu03de] Frigate Racetrack

    These mods have been gathered from multiple sources and hard work please do not RIP
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  2. omglolbbq3

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    Re: The 500+ mod list from released on this site

    thanks mate. Looking pretty good, Once i'm finished my current map, Can you put it up?
  3. Xpargas

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    Re: The 500+ mod list from released on this site

    you know most of these will be corrupt
  4. JIME01

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    Re: The 500+ mod list from released on this site

    GO SA-MODS! WOO. Very nice list.
  5. OP

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    Re: The 500+ mod list from released on this site

    After a little over 6 months, and over 300+ hours of work this is the best list out there most people did not know about it because you have to be a member of the site to see it. I will not be adding to it that is why I released it and I was told that mods want work after the dashboard update but i got the dashboard update and was able to play so i don't know why they would be corrupt
  6. squirtxbox360pro

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    Re: The 500+ mod list from ************* released on this site

    Dude this is a really nice list thx for that:thumbup:
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    first 5 videos dont work, nice list though.
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    He finally retired after his long life pursuing his dream to finish this thread?
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    Re: The 500+ mod list from ************* released on this site

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    wow nice thread
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    Wheres the download to the Troop Hog Mod?
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    How come i cant click 50% of them :frown:. The links are in normal writing.

    Can you show me the camera ones?
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    Please pay attention and notice the date of when the post was made and edited. Chances are that these were removed from their file share a long time ago...
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    wow thats alot of mods

    y dont any of the vid work
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    Lol some of my maps are on there xD
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    nice list bet it took long to make all that:huh:
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    lol, i have the crayons map on standoff
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    i will send n*** photos on live to anyone for free, im girl by the way!

    i will send n*** photos on live to anyone for free, im girl by the way! my gt is Ayden snee snee!
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