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I'm actually hosting a game with sv_cheats 1 and the cracked update on it.
Everyone with the cracked update is welcome !

-Dont spam with the say command
-Dont put people in 'weird spectator' mode (Stuck in spectator)
-Dont change entitites name
-Dont overload the map of random stuff
-Do not use ent_remove
-Do not use sethealth
-Do not delete any object if its not your
-Dont use suspicious commmands on the server
-Do not kill anyone builing something
-Be ready to get nuked at any moment :biggrin:

Its a fun server and please follow all rules.

How to join:
Download the update: http://www.mediafire.com/?jdjjemyt
Put the update file in your hard drive in the path: Partition 3/Cache/
Recode your Usersettings (Optional)
Msg me at this gamertag: LouisTakePILLz
And i will invite you if the game isnt full

Status: Closed

Msg me if you want me to host (if im closed)

Put your gt in the thread if you want to get invited if im closed:biggrin:
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