Tethering on an AT&T phone (non iPhone)

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  1. timmy2960

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    The last few days I've had my friend's macbook with built in bluetooth so I figured I'd abuse the **** out of bluetooth devices.
    Anyway. My friend has an LG Shine and I was using it for nets.
    But I was the smart one who forgot to read the Terms of Service and ask about his plan.
    And I doubt he has a tethering plan :smile:
    I was using Dial-up Networking so I I thought it would count against minutes.
    But now I decided to ask before his next billing cycle.
    I used it in the vicinity of 200 to 300 minutes lulz.
    If he doesn't have some type of tethering plan, what charges is he looking at?
    Or was I riding right thinking it counted against minutes?



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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.