All IW BO3 WWII TeaM RaM recruitment

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  1. Jack Maloney

    Jack Maloney Newbie

    if your interested in joining TeaM RaM please fill out the application below. We are a ps4/ Xbox One clan that mostly play bo3, ww2, and bo4.

    -are you over 18? (we are a 18 plus clan)
    -how active are you? (i.e 4-5 days/week)
    -will you be active/dedicated towards the clan (i.e will you talk with everyone?)
    -what is your K.D? (recommended K.D is 1.00+)
    -what console would you play on most? (i.e xbox or ps4)

    Our clan will have a cap limit of 30 players per console.
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  2. LoadingPoniiz

    LoadingPoniiz Newbie

    Hello, I’m interested in join TeaM RaM!

    I’m 21 years old, and am active at least 4-6 days a week, I’m active pretty much all the time in clans, the only time I’m not is when I’m either having internet problems or there isn’t anyone in the clan who wants to talk or join up. My KD on IW older CoDs ranges from an 1.00+ to a 11.00+, but on the newer CoDs like IW it’s a solid 0.96+, I just started on Bo4 so I doubt it’s a 1.00+ as I’m still readjusting to BOTG from JetPack CoDs. I play on Xbox One, as it’s the only nextgen console I own.

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