team doubles partner?

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    team doubles/team slayer

    im looking for someone that can be my temporary doubles partner who can help me get my 50. im a 40 in doubles and since it is the easiest playlist to get a 50 in ill go with it. my gamertag is iTzZ KReEpY my highest skill is 47 and im legit but i do have bad days. add me if you want to help. if theres any way we can do a boost thats great.

    im also looking for 2 or 3 ppl for team slayer. ive already got one person that might play if we need a 4th player. i was a 47 in slayer but i am now a 46 ): im kinda scared to go in with just one player or by myself cause i dont want to lose another rank. send iTzZ KReEpY a f/s if you want to play.

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