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Teach Me The Halo 3 Bridging Trick And I'll Be Your Bridging b****...

Discussion in 'Halo 3 Bridging' started by Epicdemic, Jul 22, 2010 with 0 replies and 344 views.

  1. Epicdemic

    Epicdemic Newbie

    Hey once again for those of you who haven't heard this rant before i'm back to bridging/sb after a long break from halo.
    Last time i bridged/sb was in halo 2 :biggrin:

    Been trying to test out and f*** around with bridging in halo 3 but i cant get any s*** consistent.
    Ive gotten host bridged in 2s, 3s (easier with ticks but not awsomely consistent), 4s and i even got it in doubles...

    Teach me the trick, if you would like me to keep it hidden, you can trust that I am that LAST person who would leak ANYTHING.

    If you want me to bridge you all day (I will also standby 20-30 games a day for ya) Hit me up if you think you can teach this old-timer the ropes of the new bridging community and all their tricks!


    gt- an Epicdemic

    edit: Sorry for my retarded account on this website, I cant remember the account I used back in what was it... '06-'07?

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