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Discussion [TAE] The Astral Empire // Multi-Shooter Team.



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Hello, are you someone that finds yourself consistently hitting clips on CoD whether its sniping everyone in sight to rushing teams full of people with your favourite gun then Astral wants to see it and everything else you can push yourself to hit to help thrive as a team and open up future opportunities for yourself!

I personally have had experience being in and owning teams over the past few years (all mainly trickshotting) and have felt now would be a good time for me to try start a team again and see where we can go getting pushed on motivation.

This team is a Multi-Shooter team meaning it will branch over CoD, R6S and FN both at a casual and competitive level, as well as having a streaming team that will rotate from a rough schedule so there is always something happening over on that end!

This team is XB1 only although in the future may spread to other platforms also, if this team seems like something that may interest you then please contact me on here by direct message, check out our channel by going onto YouTube and typing in '[TAE] The Astral Empire' and show support.

PS: Sorry if I am not meant to post this here, if not please move it to the correct category and sorry for any inconvenience.
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