System Link Play? Invisible/Wrong Projectile!

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    Ok years ago (well before I had a modded xbox) I was playing on XBC, and I joined a game in lockout, and much to my surprise the battle rifles we were using were shooting plasma grenades. This was my first real experience with modding. I am at college now, and I am the only one with a modded xbox and h2 maps. What I really want to do is mod lockout so that the battle rifles simply shoot plasma grenades (because I know this is a mod that can carry over to non-modded boxes in sytem link play). However, here is my problem: I spent over 4 hours last night trying to burn a backup disc so that I could have that one map modded. Eventually I got as far as getting the game to load up, but when I went to choose lockout as the map, it would say that I failed to load it. I couldn't get any farther than that. I did end up succeeding in getting the old maps on my hd, and modded lockout easily enough, and even got it loading and working fine. I got it real close to working, but when another xbox joined and shot the battle rifle, it just looked like normal bullets. You could tell that it WAS actually shooting plasma's because if you shot in a corner you would die, you just couldn't see that it was shooting them. What could I have done wrong since everything works except seeing the grenades shoot? I really want this to work, so any help would be amazing!

    Many Thanks!


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