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Question Switching from CoolRunner RevD to Ace V3 on a Corona V5



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I had purchased an Xbox 360E which was already RGH'd. It is a Corona V5 (16MB Nand with the requirement of a Postfix Adapter). I used it for a while, and then one day out of the blue, it froze up while playing. I tried rebooting it, but since then it has not been able to boot. I asked around on this forum, and someone suggested that either the Nand Chip went bad, or the glitch chip was busted. So I got a JR-Programmer V2 and an Ace V3. I have the CPU key and the latest image the Nand was flashed with, but I do not have the retail Nand image, since it was already glitched when I bought it.

I hooked up the JR-Programmer and read the Nand twice and verified that they are the same, and as a safety measure, reflashed the Nand with the last working image as well, which leads me to believe that the Nand chip is still functional, and the problem is probably in the glitch chip. I'm assuming that the kernel requirements for the Ace V3 are different from that of the CoolRunner, so I'll need to rebuild the image to the required specifications. The problem is since I don't have a retail image, the Nand dump I need to work off of is the modded one for the CoolRunner RevD. I'm not quite sure how to go about this, converting the Nand dump from one gitch chip's requirements to the other's (btw, I'm using the latest release of [Click here to view this link]). Also, would you recommend a different type of glitch with the Ace V3, such as the S-RGH? Any guide in this matter would be much appreciated! Thanks.
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