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Discussion Supply drops ameli and amr9 for dayzzz

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Hey, i recently removed everything in my inventory except a few elite guns/armory after noticing i got almost ameli or amr9 all the time. Its been about 7 days since the deletion of items and im gonna tell you what i have gotten since to see if other got the same as me.

Only guns are included.

1 ak12 feeder
3 arx-160 (all the same)
2 HBRa3 (both elites)
4 mk14 (non elites)
11 amr9 (non elites)
1 kf5 single stack
3 lynx (1elite)
2 mors (1 elite but not silver bullet)
1 na-45
1 bulldog
2 s12 (1elite)
11 ameli (3elite)
2 em1 (1elite)
2 pytaek
3 xmg
3 mp443
1 pdw
1 rw1
1 maaws (elite)
1 mahem (elite)
2 crossbow (both same elite)

And this have been the usual patter through my whole 11 days of playtime.
This last week i havent seen any asm1,bal,imr,mp11,sn6,sac3,atlas,tac9 or epm3 AT ALL

I have yet to get any of the guns i want even with 11 days played i have not gotten mors silver bullet, ak rip, asm1 speakeasy or bal obsidian steed.

Its rare that i DONT get ameli, amr9 or mk14 in a supply drop..

And its really starting to piss me off..

Pretty sure that if i counted all amr9, amelis and mk14 they would be close to or over 50% of all my guns.

Please tell me how its like for you, thanks.

Carl Johnson

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weighted RNG, meaning speakeasy, obsidiant steed, silver bullet and all the top tier weapons weight less than the other lower tier elites and obviously the enlisted and professional
For me it's always MK14 ( usually the eclipse ) and the AMR9 ( usually the pro pipe )
The only 2 decent weapons I got are the silver bullet and the insanity but I don't even use them, I prefer the Atlas 40mm and any SMG preferably the ASM1


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Even though all Elite weapons are Elite, some are more rare than others. Same thing goes for other classifications of weapons too (Professional and Enlisted). The most common happens to be Ameli, AMR9, and MK14. Notice how all three are the last you unlock in a given weapon class. Whether that is something to do with it, I cannot say.
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