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My game disc has broken. With Christmas around the corner, its hard for me to replace at this time. I will continue to support this thread and any booster on here.
Trusted boosters.
Gamertag - c0d pl4yer

Gamertag - Plan Synapse
Gamertag - Yir Ma1991
Gamertag - Trappin Wizard
Gamertag - PaKidTryhard
Gamertag - AJAXaKaFrancisX
Gamertag - Mysphited

Each individual booster has the right to decline any of these services as they only signed up for level boosts. Plan Synapse will accept dupe requests as long as they are within his rules stated below.
Plan Synapse's list
rules for duping:
Only one character per person a day please. He will not be switching characters to dupe. So request one character at a time.

Rain firestorm
Reoccurring hexes (❄,☢)
EMP (⚡)
Flakker ()
One pump chump
Butchers (☣⚡)
Shredded scourge
Shrinking devils foursum (❄)
Developing conference call
Deep dive face puncher
Double penetrating boring gun (☣)
Deathless artifacts
Gunner mods

Lyuda set (❄☣⚡)
Rowans call (☢)
lucians call (❄☣)
Engulfing shred ()
Infinity (reg)
Beast master class mods

Crossroads (❄☣⚡☢)
Laser sploders(❄☣⚡☢)
Stark tsunami
Storming razors damned(⚡)
Dastardly Maggie
Star helix (300+slam)
Pointy psycho stabber
The flood (300+slam)
Phazerker mods
Nimbus mods
Breaker mods
Unleash the dragon artifact
Last stand loaded dice artifact

Updating Zane character soon!
1. Be respectful in my lobby.
2. Be patient. We get messages through xbox and se7ensins.
3. If we are busy only 1 service per day. On quiet times more requests will be acknowledged.
4. I dont mind boosting friends as long as they either message direct, or post here on se7ensins. I can't stress enough of how important this is. I usually have others waiting and this can throw me out of order.

I don't name and shame but failing any of my rules will result in me ignoring your requests and banning you
When i message on xbox plz reply within 5 mins so i can move on to next person if your offline and unavailable.
This is a free service. Donations are appreciated but not necessary, and donating doesn't get priority. Anybody wishing to donate to the host booster:

Plan Synapse
Venmo- @DurianThefruit

No other booster has passed me their donation details please contact them direct unless they send them me

Thank you for the continued support.

Help se7ensins and purchase premium.

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Drop ya GT's on here or dm me your gamertags. When you get level 50 i can dupe money and any weapons that i currently have. I will be adding a list of annointed weapons soon.
Gamertag is AJAXaKaFrancisX
Looking for a couple of weapons and a legendary flak class mod


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DAmn I am sure I missed it but just in case my GT is FieldSweeper

used to have an acount here but have not used it in a while and dont have my authenticator lol. went by the same name (field_sweeper) oh well lol
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