Discussion Suggestions for a New Center [MyTeam]

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    Hello guys, I'm not sure if there is a lot of members on here that play MyTeam but if there is:

    I need opinions for a new center on my MyTeam. I currently have the Throwback Elite DeMarcus Cousins in my lineup, however, a problem that I seem to be running into is I'm getting outrebounded because he is 6'11. I was thinking about picking up a center like Yao Ming because he is 7'6 but he is very slow and can be a liability on defense because of his speed and lateral quickness (which makes sense because of how tall he is). If anyone could give me opinions on a center that would best fit my lineup that would be greatly appreciated.

    I am currently running with Opal Jordan (PG), Opal Kawhi (SG), Opal George (SF), Opal Griffin (PF), Pink Diamond Cousins (C).

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