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Unsolved Sudden NAND read/write errors Halfway through a Modding.



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I was putting together a little emulation machine using a v1 corona and ace v3. I had no problems dumping the nand twice. I assumed xell was written ok as i was using a matrix flasher and ofc you get write errors in jrunner no matter what.

Anyway i couldn't get it to glitch so eventually tried another ace chip but had the same problem. I then decided to check everything was running fine by going back to stock. i flashed back to stock and it wouldn't boot and thats when i realised that the nand wasnt reading or writing (had a quick test with nand pro to test write) without errors.

Ive redone my soldering a good 6 or 7 times by this point and connected the same matrix and wires to another xbox which read and wrote flawlessly.

I did initially make the mistake of wiring up the matrix wrong (first time, honest) but as it dumped the nands twice once corrected assumed i did no damage. i accidentally cross wired MOSI & SCK or Black & Red if using an Xecuter product.

Holding off putting it in the bin on the slim chance its salvageable.

Pic of soldering and jrunner log. Initial 2 dumps and first write of xell missing as did it on another machine due to driver problems. Oh and ignore the 'Flash Config: 0x00000000' errors. They were from a faulty jr programmer i was trying to get to work.

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