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    Another tutorial on how to Stream Media to your Xbox 360!

    The Xbox 360 is the second video game console produced by Microsoft to-date. Besides its obvious features of playing high-quality games and watching DVDs, you can also stream media to your Xbox 360. Now that Microsofts Xbox 360 supports DivX and Xvid, its better now that you take advantage of what it has to offer! This tutorial will re-iterate what you can find on Microsofts Xbox website, with a better explanation of the details behind it. What you need:

    • Xbox 360 Console
    • Windows XP / Vista PC
    • Windows Media Player 11
    • Wireless (or wired) Network
    Share some media!

    1. Connect your console to your network (or PC directly if you dont have a network).
    2. Power on your Xbox 360 and your PC.
    3. Open up Windows Media Player 11 and click the little arrow under the Library tab. The drop-down box will list Media Sharing. Click that.
    4. A dialog box will open up for Media Sharing. Be sure the Share my media to: check box is checked and below that your Xbox 360 should be listed. Single click it and click Allow. Click Apply, then Ok.
    5. To add the media to your library to share, click the little arrow under the Library tab. In the drop-down box select Add to Library. Personally, I have my own location to where all of my techno music is stored (example: E:\Media\Music\Techno\). First, I select the bullet My folders and those of others that I can access. To add my techno music to the shared library, I click Add then navigate to the location of my techno music folder. When done press Ok, then Ok again.
    Access Granted!
    So you have successfully setup Windows Media Player to share your media to your Xbox 360. You can also add other files such as videos and photos to share to your Xbox 360 too! Lets find out how to retrieve our media on the 360.

    1. Turn on your 360 (it should already be on).
    2. In the Dashboard, go to the Media area (tab).
    3. Select Music if you want to access your shared Music, Videos to access your shared videos, or Photos to access your shared Photos.
    4. If you do not see the content shared from your computer on your Xbox 360, the content may not be supported by your 360, or you might have to press X on your controller, then select your PC (with the A button).
    Happy streaming!

    Credit: Tutorial Ninjas - Part 2
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    Nice tut, you can also use WinAMP which has settings for the 360.

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