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Mod Menu Start to Finish: Installing GTA V Mod Menus - RGH



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Hello everyone, I'm making this guide to help the people brand new to RGHs.
This guide will be showing everything you'll need to mod GTA V, either offline or online.

I've placed each step in Spoilers, so you can start from where you need to, and end where you want.
[Click here to view this link]
Virus Scan:

Above, is the only download for the entire guide. Included in the Download are the following:
  • Dashlaunch 3.21 (Dash 17559 Compatible)
  • Basic Plugin Files (XDRPC, XBDM, RPC, launch.ini)
  • Xex Menu 1.2
  • X360 Browser
I will not be including a way to Download GTA V.
So you'll either need to find the ISOs on your own, or borrow the discs from someone/somewhere.

Step 1: Installing Xex Menu
If you're not aware of what Xex Menu is, think of it as a File System.
It allows you to view, move, copy, and paste files between devices hooked up to the RGH.

The first thing you'll need to do, is format your USB Flash Drive to FAT32.

Connect your USB to your PC and go to My Computer.
Right Click on the USB, and hit Format.
Select FAT32, and choose Default Allocation - Also make sure Quick format is Checked.
Hit Start.
When it's finished, you're good to go!
If for some reason, FAT32 is not an option, feel free to Format it with this tool:

After you download the file from the link provided above, you'll have a .zip file called "Noobert 7s GTA Tutorial".
  1. Extract the .zip file, which will give you a folder. Inside the folder, you'll see 3 more folders.
  2. Open the Folder Xex Menu 1.2, and you'll see another folder "Content".
  3. Drag the Content folder to the ROOT of the USB Flash Drive you just Formatted.
  4. Take the USB out of your computer, and plug it into the RGH/Jtag.
  5. Go to Settings > System > Storage.
  6. Hit A on your USB, and go to Game Demos.
  7. You'll now see Xex Menu, hit A on that, and move it to your Default HDD.
Congrats, you've successfully installed Xex Menu onto your Console!

Step 2: Extracting GTA V

There are two ways to extract GTA V onto your Console.

Follow the Spoiler to whichever you're going to be doing:

Two ISOs:
Now, as I stated up there, I'm not allowed to give links to the ISOs for GTA V.
Google, and torrents will be your friend for that one.

After you've acquired the ISOs, open the Folder you downloaded at the top of the post.
Inside there, you'll see a folder called X360 Browser.
  1. Open the Application.
  2. In the top left, hit File > Open Image File.
    A Browser window will open, from there select the ISO for Disc 1 which is the Install Disc.
  3. Once open, you'll see on the left a list of Directories within the ISO, click on the + next to Content.
  4. Now you'll see another Directory called 0000000, hit the + next to that.
    Now you'll see 545408A7. Right Click 545408A7, and hit Extract. Extract that to the ROOT of the FAT32 USB Drive.
    If you need help with that, follow this GIF:
  5. Once it is finished extracting, take the USB Flash Drive and plug it into your Console.
  6. Start Xex Menu, and once it's loaded, hit RB > X > and Select USB0.
  7. Highlight the 545408A7 folder, and hit Y, and select Copy.
  8. Hit X and go to HDD1.
  9. Go to Content > 00000 > and hit Y and hit Paste.
Once you finish that, unplug the USB, and put it back into your Computer.
View the USB, and delete the 545408A7 folder.
Make a New Folder called GTA V.
  1. Go back into X360 Browser again.
  2. This time, select the ISO for Disc 2 which is the Play Disc.
  3. In the top left, above the directories, you'll see the Name of the ISO.
  4. Right click the name of the ISO, and hit Extract.
  5. Extract it to the GTA V folder that you made on the USB.
    If you need help with that, follow this GIF:
When it finishes extracting, you can either keep it/play it from the USB, or Copy it to the Root of HDD1 via Xex Menu.

Congrats, you now have GTA Installed, and ready to play on your console!

Two Discs:
The first thing we need to do in order to Play GTA V, is to Extract the content of the Install Disc.
So put Disc 1 into you Console, and you can either Install it the Normal way or through Xex Menu.
I'll be explaining the Xex Menu way, since the normal way doesn't need to be explained lol.
  1. With the Disc 1 in your Xbox, launch Xex Menu.
  2. Hit RB > X > and hit A on Dvd.
  3. Go to Content > 00000 > and you'll see 545408A7.
  4. Highlight the 545408A7 folder, hit Y, and hit A on Copy.
  5. Now hit X > Select HDD1 > Content > 00000 > and hit Y, Paste.
  6. You should now hear your Disc spinning quite a bit, as it's copying 8GBs worth of files to your HDD.
Once that is done, you've successfully copied the Install Contents to your HDD. Now, we need to extract the Play/Disc 2.
  1. Pop-out Disc 1.
  2. Go to Xex Menu, and hit RB.

    Now, this is totally up to you. You can install GTA completely to your HDD, or your USB. That is completely up to you.

  3. So hit X, and select wherever you plan on Extracting GTA. Hit Y, and select Create.
  4. Type in GTA V, and go into that folder after you hit done.
  5. Hit Y, and hit CopyDVD.
  6. Your DVD Tray will come out, insert Disc 2, and MANUALLY push the tray back into the console.
  7. Give it about 10 seconds, and you'll hear it start spinning fast.
  8. As soon as you hear it speed up, hit Confirm on your console.
    It'll now start extracting.
Once it's finished, you're all done! You've successfully installed GTA to your Console!

Step 3: Installing DLC and Title Updates
Thanks to Awakening for making the Backup Files thread.

If you're planning on going online (which I assume 95% of you are), you're going to need the most recent Title Update and DLC to do so.

So if you head over to Awakening's thread here:

Scroll down a bit, and you'll see this:

Download everything from Beach Bum Update --- to --- Part II: III-Gotten Gains Update.

Next, head over to http://xboxunity.net and in the Search Bar, type GTA V.
First thing that pops up will be GTA V, and all the way to the right, you'll see:

Hit on Updates, and hit the Download Icon next to TU27 and it'll start downloading.

When you've completed downloading everything, you should have 14 files in total.
13 being the DLC files, and the 1 Title Update.
  1. Plug your FAT32 USB into your Computer, and view files/folders.
  2. Go to Content > 0000000000000000 > 545408A7.

    If you do not have those folders, MAKE THEM.
    Content on the root, 00000 inside of Content, and 545408A7 inside of 00000.
    There are 16 0s, so don't mess that up.

  3. Inside of 545408A7, we're going to be making two folders:
    00000002 (Seven 0s)
  4. Now, take the 13 DLC files, and place them in the 0000002 folder.

    Then take the Title Update, and place it in the 000B0000 folder.

  5. Once you have all 14 files on the USB, in the correct folders, plug it into your Console.
    Now again, you can either keep those files on the USB, or move them to the HDD.

    If you're going to move them to the HDD, on the main Dashboard go to:
    Settings > System > Storage > USB > Games > GTA V and individually move them 1-by-1 to the HDD.
Now unfortunately, Awakening hasn't gotten the Lowrider update, so whenever you connect to Xbox Live, it'll prompt you to download that.

Congrats on installing the DLC and Title Update! :smile:

Step 4: Dashlaunch and Plugins
The last part of getting going on GTA, is having the correct Plugins.

Inside of the .zip you (should have) downloaded, you'll see 2 folders called Dashlaunch 3.21 (17599), and Plugins.
  1. Plug the FAT32 USB into your Computer.
  2. Drag the Folder Dashlaunch 3.21 to the root of the USB.
  3. Open the folder Plugins, and drag xbdm, JRPC2, RPC, and launch.ini to the root of the USB as well.
  4. Plug the USB into the Console, and start up Xex Menu.
  5. When Xex Menu loads, hit RB > X > and select USB.
  6. Now, 1-by-1 copy xbdm - JRPC2 - RPC - and launch.ini to HDD1.
    You can keep them on the USB if you don't have a HDD.
  7. Once they're moved to where you want them, open the Dashlaunch 3.21 folder and hit A on the default.xex.
  8. When Dashlaunch loads, hit RB, and hit A on whichever device you moved the launch.ini to.
    In the bottom left, you'll see Settings Loaded.
  9. Hit LB, and hit A on the Plugins tab and you should see the following:

    Plugin1: xbdm
    Plugin3: RPC
    Plugin4: XDRPC

    Note: If you kept the Files on the USB, then it will not find those files. So hit Y on Plugins 1, 3, and 4 to clear them. Once they're cleared, hit A to manually choose them from your USB. Just keep them in the same order as I posted above this.

    In case you're curious:
    XBDM allows the Xbox 360 SDK (Neighborhood) to connect to the Xbox.
    JRPC2 allows unlimited Plugins, as well as stops KVs from being stolen.
    RPC allows XRPC tools to connect to the Console, as long as the console is set as default in Neighborhood.

  10. Two tabs above plugins, you'll see Network. Hit A to expand that.

    If you're going online, DISABLE Liveblock and Livestrong.
    If you're not going online, ENABLE Liveblock and Livestrong.

  11. Once you finish all of that, hit RB, and hit X wherever you save the Launch.ini and Plugins.
    In the bottom left you'll see Settings Saved.
  12. Hit B to exit Dashlaunch, and you can now reboot your Console to enable the plugins.
Congrats, you just installed Dashlaunch and enabled plugins.

Step 5: Mod Menus and Stealth
Welcome to the final step of modding GTA! :smile:

Now, the last thing we'll be discussing here is the actual Mod Menus, as well as the Stealth servers to get online.

The best stealth that you can use on a RGH/Jtag is NiNJA.
Unfortunately, they're both servers that you have to pay to use. If you'd prefer a "cheaper' alternative, feel free to Purchase Premium, and I'm sure you'll find one.

As for Menus, you're most likely not going to be finding them in the GTA Modding Section due to specific rules.
You can easily find them on YouTube with a quick Google Search.

Once you have the Stealth Server, or Mod Menu, or both, you'll have a .xex file for them.

  1. Take whichever .xex files you have, and place them on the Root of the FAT32 USB.
  2. Open Xex Menu, and copy/move them to the HDD (or USB).
  3. Once you have them where you want, open Dashlaunch.
  4. Hit A to expand the Plugins.
  5. Hit A on Plugin 2, and select the Stealth Server's.xex file.
  6. Hit A on Plugin 5, and select the Mod Menu's.xex file.
  7. Hit RB, and X to save the Launch.ini where you want it.
  8. Hit B to quit out of Dashlaunch and then reboot your Console.
That's it! You are now officially setup to run mod menus on your Console.

Quick Note: Since we did set RPC and XBDM as a plugin, if you download the Xbox 360 SDK (Neighborhood), you can use XRPC tools to edit money and enable god mode etc.. just from a click of a button on your computer. You can find those tools in the GTA V Modding Section.

Extra: Installing Collectors and Special Edition
Now that you're all set to mod GTA Online, you may want to add the Collectors or Special Edition content to your RGH.

To do it, is quite simple.
First, you're going to need to Get the Files onto your Console:
[Click here to view this link] | Virus Scan
  1. Take your USB Flash Drive, and plug it into the Computer.
  2. Extract the .ZIP File you download, and you'll see 2 files.
    Collectors Edition and Special Edition.
  3. Download and Open Horizon.
  4. Drag whichever file you'd like to install, into the blank Horizon window.
  5. It'll pop-up the details on the file.
    You'll see that everything is Zero'd out which means it is ready for the RGH/Jtag.
  6. In the top right, hit Save to Device, and select your Flash Drive.
  7. Once saved, take the Flash Drive and plug it into your Console.
  8. Go to Settings > System > Storage > USB > GTA V and Hit A on Collectors/Special Edition.
  9. Hit Move to HDD.
  10. Once that's moved, you're good to go! You'll now see the extra content when you boot into GTA V.

Thanks for reading, hope I helped whoever needed it.
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The Irish Assassin

The Irish Assassin

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I like this guide, there may have been a few attempts at one like it in the past but I am all for allowing freedom in tutorials especially when they are as well constructed as this. If anyone has an issue with this feel free to let me know.


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Does anyone have a usb with everything on it ready to start modding for sale?


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Is the tut the same for PS3? Or are the files different I assume? Thanks

Tro11in Around

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thank you, i dont know how to do that but, i may wait until i get a disc to rip it
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