(Standby) Does your partner rank up??

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    I got to a rank 5 on a new gamertag, it took me about 8 hours of constant wingman with the standby and I always got host, we'd try to win but if we were losing we'd stand by. Because not all games registered with Gears Of War.com and half the time I did the Host Quit Glitch too, to try both that and just standbying (it works by the way). I dunno how many games I played total but my record says 14-2. My kill/death ratio is 3.1. But my partner stayed a 3 gold stripe the entire time (his record was 17-38). I'm going to try this again with a partner who has a new tag and is 0-0 in wingman and see if that works.

    My question is does your wingman partner rank up just off of wins in Wingman if I'm the host and he barely gets kills. I have a feeling rank has something to do with kill/death radio but it's just a feeling. Plus if I do the host quit glitch will he get the win too cause I wanna help my friends rank up too (im a nice guy lol). Thanks to anyone who has tried these things and can fill me in.
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    I am pretty sure your partner does rank up with the host glitch. I was a three bar and my team was in the lead in wingman and the host quit..... I went up to a four bar after that match if that helps bro

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