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Unsolved SSX Tricky can't save on RGH 360?



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I'm wondering has anyone been able to get SSX Tricky to save on their JTAG/RGH 360 at all?

I've tried both the PAL and NTSC version and both just create corrupted save files. I made a FATX flash drive just for the hell of it to see if it could even recognize it to save to it but it didn't work (not surprised).

I have put the hacked xbox emulator on my 360 already (or whatever it's called) but that was ages ago and if there has been any update to it in the past two years or something that could be worthwhile to redo if it'll have any impact.

My 360 is a RGH Falcon or Jasper (don't remember which) I've updated to the latest dash and am currently using Aurora but I've had the problem on older dashes and using Freestyle Dash as well. I have all my games on a USB HDD.

Any ideas or suggestions on how I might be able to get saves to work?

[Since some people might be inclined to bring these things up I will go ahead and mention them.
Yes I know that SSX Tricky is NOT a supported backwards compatible game.
I also know that original Xboxs are cheap, plentiful and easy to modify. I have one.
But why don't I just play it on the Xbox then? I'm trying to consolidate my game consoles since having 16 consoles hooked up to my TV in my small apartment is less then ideal. Same reason applies to playing SSX Tricky on GC or PS2.]
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