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  1. Ach1lles

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    am i doing this wrong because all its done is delete my 1800 rounds i had and all my characters/ achievement progress i had before

    i have the spg account signed in
    then i goto training grounds
    sign out while loading
    sign in while loading
    booted to main screen
    kill one person = seriously2.0

    this doesnt seem to be working for me and i wish i could get seriously at least out of this for losing all that stuff
  2. KranK

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    With 1 controller.
    Sign in to the account that has the achievements.
    Go to the training grounds.
    Press A on the 1st training.
    Quickly press the guide button.
    then sign out and sign in with the account you want the glitch on.
    You will be kicked back to the main menu.

    The characters just go to a checkpoint and when it saves it should fix it.

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