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Spawn trapping Demolition


Look its Ian xD

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I am hosting a professional spawn trapping lobby on BO. We will be in one spot, and one spot only. I will give you the spots. You will NOT choose your spot, I will give it to you. If you don't like that, oh well. We will be doing it on DEMOLTION on RADIATION. You NEED to have a second controller. Here's what's gonna happen, I will get the best spot, the other 2 people *you guys* get the alright spots. DO NOT STOP READING HERE IT GETS BETTER. After that game is over, we will all switch to a different position. Who ever got the MOST kills will go to the spot where the person got the LEAST kills. The person that got the LEAST kills will go to the spot that got the MOST kills. And DECENT kills stays. So on and so forth. I will give you more information on Xbox. If you DO NOT know how to spawn trap, do NOT message me, or send me a friend request. I will not pay attention to it. If you would like to spawn trap, send me a msg saying " SE7EN SINS " My Gamertag is " Im Ian xP.
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