Some questions, Slowness, Firefox, and ConvertXtoDVD

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  1. Calamity

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    Ok, just going to make it simple, I believe I use Azzids old thread for ConvertXtoDVD settings before, so I left it at that and I burn at 8x I believe, to think of it, my movies come out somewhat not the best quality(yes they are DVDrip). I don't really care of waiting for wiating 30 minutes longer if it comes out great, I also use Memorex DVD+R's, they seem perfectly fine, -R's gave me some crap before

    Second, After using Firefox for long times it gets lag with it eventually, I can have google chrome open for literally days with no problem. I also use iMacros for it alot.

    Thirdly, not that big of a deal, but My computer SOMETIMES gets slowness from having a long up time. I use CCleaner, there are NO viruses on my pc, including adware bullcrap, and it's a pretty fast computer (custom).

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Thread Status:
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