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Q: Can I play online with a friend using the same xbox?
A: Yes, Treyarch has confirmed that splitscreen mode is now available for online play

Q: I really liked to quickscope in MW2, and Sleight of Hand pro greatly assisted it, will this be returning?
A: Unfortunately David Vonderhaar confirmed via twitter that SOH pro will not affect sniper rifles.

* Hardline: Killstreaks require 1 less kill.
Pro: Allows you to replace your care package if you are not happy with what you recieved.

* Hacker: This works like SitRep from Modern Warfare 2. Hacker allows you to detect enemy explosives and equipment like Tactical Insertions, Camera Spikes, Jammers, etc.
Pro: Allows you to booby trap enemy Care Packages and turn enemy killstreaks and equipment friendly. For example Sentry Guns, Claymores, SAM Turrets, etc.
Face Paint (21)

* Stalker
* Crom
* Highlander
* Sidewinder
* Atlantis
* Mafia
* Sandman
* Zulu
* Blitz
* Commando
* Tundra
* Banshee
* Dutch

-Sub-machine guns in Black Ops will feature full-maneuverability speed while running and/or aiming down sights. Example: if you have an SMG equipped, you can now check corners of rooms with your sights up as fast as you would if you were to run through the door. This can work both with and against you, but it's interesting to see this change in the franchise.

-It has been confirmed that to unlock the "Classified" weapons, you must first buy all of the weapons in that category

-David Vonderhaar confirmed that treyarch will now keep track of people that do not finish games they start, and will be punished to some extent.

-Black Ops developers can not only check leaderboards to ban hackers, but they can also check films for reported players, basically like checking clips in theater mode. If a player is reported and reviewed, developers can see if that player is cheating in any form.


* Fuel
* Summit - A second cousin to Modern Warfare 2’s snowy submarine level, Summit offers up a high-altitude, ice-laden complex for a nice combination of indoor and outdoor combat. While not as sprawling or expansive as its distant relative, a multi-level interior command center with tall, vaulted ceilings offers a reprieve from the cold outside. But if you’re the type who likes to hole up in a tight, quiet sniping position, keep an eye out for a ski-lift boxcar you can reach with a perfectly executed leap.
* Radiation - With the exception of a small outdoor area flanked on two sides by railings and ledges – the perfect vantage from which to fire down on your friends – Radiation is largely a close-quarters map, set against the dimly-lit hallways of a military industrial space. In the center of the map, a set of blast doors and radiation vents lead down into a sub-surface series of passageways. A conveyor belt can help launch players back up to the surface with a well timed jump, so long as you avoid falling into the churning grinders below.
* Slaughterhouse
* Launch - The night’s loudest “Holy sh*t!” moment came courtesy of Launch. As we emerged from an in-door firefight, muzzle-flare lighting the darkness, a high-pitched wail cut the gunplay. The cacophony of bullets was instantly swallowed up by the sounding of an alarm that could signal absolutely nothing positive. As our enemy demonstrated a clear inability to absorb bullets with his cranium, we spilled out into the daylight, sirens blaring, to discover a massive nuclear missile thrusting itself in a fiery display toward heaven. Sadly, however, we’re told that there’s no way for players to perch atop the bomb as it rises from the silo below, although there’s no scenario we can conjure greater than the kamikaze glory of sniping down on your opponents whilst riding a bomb into space.
* Cracked - Perhaps the most visually distinct of the four levels we played, Cracked offers up a sun-baked city in absolute ruin. Surface and subterranean levels merge seamlessly as sunken streets descend into the basements of collapsed buildings. Small gaps between blown-out, brick-and-mortar walls allow for straight-on sniping locations while thru-lanes and alleyways set the scene for some cat-and-mouse machine gun action. Flaming vehicles and some eye-catching graffiti offer a dash of personality.
* Crisis
* Firing Range
* Hanoi
* Havana

These show the previously classified weapons


# 1 Pistols

* 1.1 M1911A1
* 1.2 Colt Python
* 1.3 Makarov PM
* 1.4 CZ-75
* 1.5 ASP

# 2 Submachine Guns

* 2.1 MAC-11
* 2.2 Heckler & Koch MP5K Prototype
* 2.3 Sa. Vz.61 Skorpion
* 2.4 SITES Spectre M4
* 2.5 PM-63 RAK
* 2.6 IMI Uzi
* 2.7 Walther MPL
* 2.8 OTs-02 Kiparis
* 2.9 AKS-74U

# 3 Assault Rifles

* 3.2 AK-47
* 3.3 IMI Galil ARM
* 3.4 Steyr AUG
* 3.5 Colt Commando
* 3.6 M16
* 3.7 M14 Rifle
* 3.8 Heckler & Koch G11
* 3.9 FN FAL
* 3.10 Enfield XL64

# 4 Shotguns

* 4.1 Franchi SPAS-12
* 4.2 Ithaca 37 Trench Gun
* 4.3 KS-23
* 4.4 Olympia Over and Under Shotgun
* 4.5 High Standard Model 10

# 5 Machine Guns

* 5.1 RPK-74
* 5.2 Heckler & Koch HK-21E
* 5.3 Stoner 63
* 5.4 GE M134 Minigun
* 5.5 M60

# 6 Sniper Rifles

* 6.1 Accuracy International Arctic Warfare/L96A1
* 6.2 Carcano M91/38 (only speculated at this time, has been seen in the first teaser trailer along with the HK G11)
* 6.3 SVD Dragunov
* 6.4 Walther WA 2000

# 7 Launchers

* 7.1 RPG-7
* 7.2 XM191/M202 Grim Reaper
* 7.3 M72 LAW
* 7.4 China Lake grenade launcher

Im fairly sure most of this hasnt been posted


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Thanks for the share!

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No problem ill try to keep it updated with the newest


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Nice, a good chunk of this info is already here. But this is nice and organized, sure it will help some out.

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The red highlights are things we already knew with added info


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Yeah some of this is already here but I saw some new info so thanks
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