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I was fortunate enough to sit down and see about an hour and a half of gameplay pertaining to Call of Duty 2017. My biggest takeaway is that this game is coming together incredibly quickly. I saw gameplay of 4 different maps, all of them looking gorgeous and detailed, and playing very well.

CoD 2017 is, indeed, going under the codename Stronghold with the working title being Call of Duty: Lethal Combat. This may change before release due to the SAG-AFTRA mention of it.

The game takes place in the Vietnam war. Boots on the ground. Incredibly polished movement system (more of which I'll go into detail in this post). Huge focus on QOL improvements. If the way sniping is in the build I saw ends up being the same at launch, it may be the most balanced and favored sniping experience so far.

Unfortunately, I can tell you that weapon variants are returning. I wasn't shown much or given much information about it, but I can tell you that they are far less balance changing than before.

The movement system is incredibly fluid and smooth. You can't sprint infinitely, but you can sprint for longer at a time than in Black Ops 2 or MW3. There is sliding, but you can't shoot while doing so. You can mantle over objects and can shoot while mantling.

The pacing is quite similar to Black Ops 2. Not too fast, but not too slow either. There is a level of strategy involved that hasn't been present in Call of Duty in a long time.

The maps I played were great. Not too many flank spots, not too many head glitches, but great flow. There was one that took place around a base in a Vietnam jungle that was absolutely stunning.

The gamemodes are standard for the most part. There was one gamemode I saw in which you protect a helicopter and push up against enemy forces at the same time. The team that makes the most progress and preserveres for the longest wins. The way rounds work was still being worked on, however.

The streaks reminded me of Black Ops 1 in a way. In the build I saw, there was a Recon Plane, a Radar Jammer, a Reinforcement Chopper, a Chopper Gunner, and there was also a streak that replaces your lethals and tacticals with a set of 5 Agent Orange grenades.

The weapons were nice. They sounded powerful and felt powerful. There was a pistol called the Hush Puppy that had a built in silencer. There was an assault rifle called the T23 (I think? Can't remember very well) that felt heavy but performed well. There was an SMG called the Greaser. There was the M40 sniper, which was great. There was a shotgun called the Steven that I can see being a fan favorite. There was an LMG that I forgot the full name of but had .50 cal in it. There was a rocket launcher that was clunky but sounded really neat.

There was a flamethrower available on a close range map and a Mortar available on a large one. Mortar was more effective for area of denial than infantry kills.

The perks were fine. I didn't see all of them but there are dead silence and scavenger returning. I forgot the name of another one but it adds red accents to your trooper's clothing that makes you more focused on by air streaks so your other teammates can go elsewhere without getting destroyed.

Since the game isn't going to be massive like the past few, Sledgehammer has had time to focus on QOL improvements such as hit detection, netcode, etc etc. They were excited about the aim assist they are working on. They called it "priority aim assist". Therefor, if you're aiming at an enemy and another enemy runs in front, your aim will still be focused on the intended enemy. It's hard to articulate into words very well.

That's all I have. I think you guys are going to love what Sledgehammer has in store. They seem very excited and passionate about this game. If there are any additional questions, I can try and answer them as best as I can.

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Seem like Un-Advanced Warfare 2.0


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Is this information corect or you had made the story yourself by seeing youtube videos and posted it here?
pls tell me how did you get to know all this?
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