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Discovery Some grounds for A new Era of Glitches

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So dupe glitches have been all the rage. Its the main exploit to make money right now. However something weird happened to me. Let me give a small rundown.

Id just got disconnected from a game for going AFK. I didnt do anything besides reconnect my controller and head back into GTA online, but i noticed something. I have the nightclub in Elysian Island, and when I spawned I was completely alone in the lobby and on the Mini map I saw that I already had a CEO Vehicle spawned out by my hanger in LSIA. Curious to see what it was I jumped in an NPC car and drove to the airport. When I got there, it was the van that you get from the start to sell from your nightclub, but instead of the Map icon of the van, it looked like a Personal Vehicle. When I got in it, my screen went dark for a few seconds and I was teleported from LSIA to the entrance of my garage, like I just left my nightclub. The van that i was driving around wasn't modified like the one in my Nightclub instead it had other modifications.
-It was all white
-It had no armour
-It had full performance upgrades (as far as i could tell)
-It had prox mines.

It took the van to Los Santos Customs, and I could modify it there, and even sell it. So i did. It didn't sell for much, around 200k.

I don't know what caused it, but in this lobby a business battle happened. Those in game events that let you score product for your Nightclub, that are only supposed to happen with 3 people in game.

I stayed in the lobby a bit longer to farm CEO crates, and sold a shipment for 630k, but I got the High Demand Bonus in a lobby by myself, so I got an Extra 100k.

Suppose we could recreate that? Its like a lobby state where the game thinks there a players other than you in it. You could keep selling the upgraded deliver vehicles or farm Business Battles. I dunno just something to think about


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no video proof? not that i don't believe you, i don't believe anyone..lol


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Split lobby.... have done this several ways. You and a friend can be in a party, in the same lobby... at the exact same spot. You can't see each other, and you both see different things goin on, on the map. It's weird, but when it happens the possibilities are fun to explore... there was a LSC/invisible passenger does EWO method that would create dupes...
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