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Tutorial *SOLO* and little bit difficulty Semi Unlimited RP from The Cayo Perico Heist. Its game mechanic

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Note: its little bit difficulty because npcs have rifle and make sure your character must protect from npcs shoot on your character.

1. Go to your submarine and do the Heist finale

2. Now when you are on the Cayo Perico island

3. Now you can shoots npcs and make them coming to you, keep shoots them and make sure you must steal small ammo box from npcs when npcs die

4. You can fail and can do it again
*Very doubt you can pass for this solo Heist because its hardest Heist.

*Note: remember you must have full body armor and health on your interaction menu because npcs use rifle. Best use plane option on your Heist because you can steal weapon duffle bag from inside warehouse.
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