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Unsolved So, you softbricked your ps3 on hen....

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I softbrick is when you can still turn the ps3 on, but it shows no display. Don't worry, I was a dumba** too and installed sen enabler. Here are the steps to unbrick it:
Step 1: Download ofw or hfw onto a usb drive. MAKE SURE IT IS NAMED CORRECTLY. You may already have it on the same usb you used to put hen on your ps3.
Step 2: Put your ps3 in safe mode. (Hold button until 3 clicks and shut off, then hold again till the double beep).
Step 3: put usb in ps3 and click system update.
Step 4: update your system. If you run into problems, I can't ****ing help you lol.
Step 5: if you installed hfw, just go back to the hen webpage and install.
Step 6: praise me as your king for helping you get your ps3 back
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