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Spooky Boi

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So, I'm having to issues with my Borderlands 2 on my Xbox 360.
First of all, whenever I start up the game, instead of auto-starting the character I last played as, it will always bring up ons of my Level 72 Maya saves. This makes farming especially frustrating, as I constantly have to wait for my character list to load, as well as the characters themselves.
As well as this, my Claptrap's stash is also experiencing some issues. I cannot store any items. I have a level 72 Seraphim stored in the top spot, and that is it -- whenever I remove this item from the stash, it duplicates, and the item which I put in place of the Seraphim will disappear forever, and I can't even store any other items in the other three slots as they also disappear for good.
If anyone has any fixes, that'd be greatly appreciated -- assuming they're shared.


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Sounds like you have it set to read-only somehow, which I didn't think was possible on console.
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