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Unsolved So I bought a New Official Xbox 360 Slim Case...Maybe?

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I never owned an xbox 360, I have always been a PC gamer but lately for some reason I am getting interested in consoles so I bought a 360 slim for a decent price on ebay and I started thinking wouldnt it be nice if it looked New...So I Started searching for cases and turned up a lot of chinese knockoff cases (probably cheap plastic) sold from aliexpres and a few UK based companies but I only found one website claiming to have a New Official Xbox Case.

I kind of figure it wont be real when I actually get it in about a month or so, but from the pictures they have on the website it sure does look real. None of the knockoffs have the Xbox 360 logo on the side like this, nor do they come with the rear panel stickers. If I actually receive what is pictured I will be amazed. wish me luck! Has anyone ever bought anything from this shop? They are based in china but from my research they seem legit and have been online over 10 years. For some reason the forum wont let me post an image from imgur but the Website is called Lunashops . com I cant even post a link to it here either.
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