[Snd!] Can you modify sounds in Halo 3?

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  1. Tartarus

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    Well I have modded sounds in Halo 2, so can you do it in Halo 3 also?

    For example:

    I want to change the sound it makes when you reload a Battle Rifle to a sound effect of "Double Kill". So everytime you reload a Battle Rifle it makes the sound "Double Kill" instead of the normal sound, get it? :biggrin:... no seriously <_<

    Programs I'm currently using to research if this is possible:

    - HxD Editor
    - ID Seeker by GoldBl4d3

    I am no professional programmer nor modder but I have some modding experience :smile:.

    Tell me what you have in mind A.S.A.P

    In my oppinion I think this is possible.

  2. Haxalot88

    Haxalot88 VIP VIP

    Not only can you not extract raw assets in halo 3, modding sounds is still modding. You cannot mod Halo 3 maps, so no you cannot mod sounds. Impossible since modding Halo 3 maps is impossible. If it were possible, should be as simple as switching dependencies.
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